Key Advantages of Software-Based Hyperconvergence

You have two choices when it comes to moving to hyperconverged infrastructure, or HCI: a software-based approach or an appliance-based approach. They both have their positives and negatives, but the average administrator may not realize the long-term benefits of a software-based solution, since appliances have had much of the early market adoption. But the reality is that there are also direct technical benefits that can be derived from a software-based solution that appliance-centric hyperconvergence just can’t touch. Here are just … Read More

VMware to Red Hat Escape Pod

We are excited to be a part of the Red Hat infrastructure migration solution to help VMware vSphere customers free up impacted IT budgets for use on digital transformation initiatives by reducing or eliminating their “VMware Tax”. Since Maxta is the only Hyperconverged Solution that supports both Red Hat Virtualization and VMware Virtualization, customers can use native Maxta functionality to migrate all or some of their vSphere-based virtual machines to Red Hat Virtualization. VMware customers can migrate virtual machines to … Read More

Introducing Hyperconverged “(Un)Appliances”

Hyperconverged appliances simplify infrastructure installation, configuration and management, especially compared to traditional storage. But that simplicity comes at a cost later.  Ultimately, appliance-based solutions lead to much higher long-term costs, particularly compared to software-based solutions. The drawbacks of a hyperconverged appliance include: Vendor lock-in. Buying an appliance-based solution can lock you into the platform for the long-term – just like traditional storage array vendors. A Refresh Tax. When it’s time to refresh systems, customers have to buy a new appliance – paying … Read More

Three Hyperconverged Appliance Taxes
To Avoid

Nobody likes to pay extra, especially when it comes to taxes.  On Tax Day in the United States, we wanted to highlight two hidden (and one of the well-known) taxes that most organizations pay when they buy hyperconverged hardware appliances. Hyperconverged infrastructure has traditionally been delivered as an appliance, with software and server hardware bundled and sold together. These appliances are essentially “black boxes” that come in preset configurations, so you can’t add, upgrade or remove capacity.  The appliance approach … Read More

Ecomsa adds Maxta to its Portfolio

This is a translated excerpt from an article that was originally published in InfoChannel, a Spanish-language IT publication in Mexico. Hyper-convergent data centers for any environment  The main business of Maxta lies in offering software for hyperconverged data centers, which is compatible with any hardware brand, which allows it to reach those customers who already have an infrastructure, where in addition to being under perpetual licensing models, it allows a better return on investment. Carlos Huescas, Systems Engineer of Maxta, … Read More

Five Requirements for Hyperconvergence Software

All of the sudden, software has become all the rage in hyperconverged infrastructure.  Just the hint of switching from an appliance model to a software model is enough to get financial analysts in a tizzy and the price of a stock soaring.  And why wouldn’t it?  Software is a much better business model than selling appliances. But even though software is a better business model, most companies start off by shipping appliances.  It’s just much simpler to sell, whether being … Read More

How We Deliver “Appliance-Like” Support

Before I joined Maxta last spring, I asked our VP of Engineering a straightforward question: “Since Maxta is a software platform, how can the company provide a customer support experience to match the ‘single point of contact’ experience you get with an appliance or storage array?” In my years at NetApp, EMC and Violin, it was a point of pride that we could deliver end-to-end support on our platform. Of course, it helped that we controlled the hardware. Maxta partners … Read More

Hyperconvergence “Your Way” vs. “Their Way”

I’ve never loved pickles – certainly not the soggy, mass-produced ones that come on most sandwiches. I loved McDonald’s nuggets and fries as a kid, but why were they forcing me to buy pickles on my Big Mac? So when I saw Burger King’s ad as a kid, I knew it was what I wanted – hold the pickles, extra sauce. Though data center infrastructure is vastly more complicated and expensive than a burger, the ability to choose your infrastructure … Read More

Reflecting on Maxta’s 5th VMworld

This year’s VMworld was one for the books – both for Maxta and for me personally. It was Maxta’s fifth year there, and my tenth. I started counting when I stepped off the plane in Vegas realized I’ve attended every VMworld since 2008, when I joined VMware’s product marketing team. Team Maxta ended up talking to several thousand people at the booth. These weren’t just drive-by conversations, either (“Here! Have a pen! Or a useless trinket. Can I scan you?”. … Read More

7 Reasons to Visit Maxta at VMworld 2017

We’re in the final stretch before VMworld 2017, our 5th year exhibiting at the show. Like everyone else, we’re in the mad dash to the finish line, excited about the conference. Whether you already know Maxta or this is the first time you’ve come across us, here are seven great reasons to stop by booth #1301 to see us: Hyperconvergence is key to modernizing your data center. Software is eating the world, and Maxta is the only hyperconvergence software solution … Read More