Recently, CUG’s 2019 ICT Business Partner Recruitment Selection Project was officially announced. Maxta (Huayun Data International Limited) is officially selected as one of CUG’s 2019 ICT business partners with its leading technical strength, reliable product quality and excellent service capability. In the future, Maxta will have tightly cooperation with CUG on software virtualization, hardware, network & system integration.

CUG recognizes the leading position of Maxta’s HCI technology level in the industry. Maxta can meet the CUG ICT business development plan and complement CUG’s own capabilities, which can help CUG achieve transformation and upgrading in the ICT field across international POPs & hubs.

As the new generation of ICT infrastructure is gradually integrated with the new economic and social fields that has become increasingly prominent. In particular, the opening of 5G commercial era allows ICT infrastructure to integrate cloud computing, big data, edge computing and IoT to transform the industry information applications into digital age. Maxta will cooperate with CUG to accelerate the deep integration of ICT technology to jointly promote the development of emerging applications and ICT industry ecosystem.