Based on the tremendous success achieved in the field of full-stack hyperconvergence, Maxta, leveraging a team of top experts and engineers from both domestic and international backgrounds, has further embarked on the transformation for the wave of artificial intelligence. With profound experience in areas such as IDC, ISP, and cloud computing, Maxta focuses on the full spectrum of artificial intelligence research and application, providing super-intelligent computing power as a service based on integrated scheduling.

Maxta’s computing power business is dedicated to providing government and enterprise users with high-performance, low-power consumption, highly flexible, and highly cost-effective computing power infrastructure. This includes modules such as intelligent computing power platform, computing power intelligent scheduling, green data center services, high-performance storage, digital transformation delivery and consulting, as well as secure operation and maintenance. Additionally, it encompasses multidimensional solutions like AI large models, high-performance computing, university research, cloud-based rendering, and more. While ensuring the accuracy, flexibility, and security of computational tasks and data services, Maxta strives to achieve a perfect balance between cost and efficiency. This accelerates product development, scientific research, and optimizes scenario applications, ultimately driving efficient output of innovative results and intelligent decision-making for users.

Maxta continues to maintain a globally leading market share and strong technological advantage in the field of full-stack hyperconvergence. Its core value lies in providing users with a comprehensive set of IT infrastructure software solutions, particularly tailored to the requirements of one-stop digital transformation scenarios. Maxta’s solutions feature resource elasticity expansion, application awareness, and support for hybrid business workloads, thereby achieving higher resource utilization, simpler management operations, and an enhanced user experience.

Maxta has a wealth of experience in customer success, such as the United States Air Force, Driscoll’s, American Fidelity, and Trusource Labs. Maxta regards assisting users in achieving success as a crucial mission. The company will continue to invest in technology to provide professional products and services to global corporate customers.