Leading cloud computing provider Huayun Data Group has completed the acquisitions of all assets of Maxta,Inc. Huayun Data Group will continue to invest in the technology to deliver professional products and services to enterprise customers around the world.

“Hyperconvergence Your Way” is not just a slogan at Maxta. Choice is embodied in everything we do as a company.

Since Maxta is a hyperconvergence software company, our customers can choose between procuring Maxta software and installing it on their servers or having Maxta software pre-configured on the widest choice of server vendors including Cisco, Dell-EMC, HP, Huawei, Intel, Lenovo, Quanta, Super Micro and other manufacturers. Maxta software can be downloaded and installed on existing or new servers. Different brands and generations of servers can be mixed and matched as needed.

Our customers also have a choice of using two industry-standard, commercially hardened and fully supported virtualization solutions: VMware vSphere and Red Hat Virtualization. To further help avoid lock-in, Maxta also offers the ability to migrate between these two virtualization solutions.

Since Maxta customers can scale storage independently of compute, they have the choice of adding capacity by adding drives, replacing drives, or adding servers. Hyperconvergence appliances, on the other hand, only allow customers to add capacity by adding appliances. Some may claim to sell software that runs on any hardware but push customers to locked-down hardware appliances.

With many other hyperconverged solutions, different applications have to be siloed and run on different clusters as they can only optimize performance and availability per cluster, not per application. Maxta lets customers reduce costs by running mixed workloads on the same cluster and improve performance for applications by 25 percent.

Maxta enables customers to choose when they refresh their server hardware without worrying about having to repurchase the hyperconvergence software each time they refresh the hardware. Hyperconvergence appliances force customers to prolong appliance refreshes as long as possible to defer the cost of rebuying the software, which is tied to the hardware appliance. Maxta’s lifetime license enables customers to have the best performance by always having the latest server hardware.

Finally, Maxta will not force customers to choose between supporting virtual machines or containers natively.  As the industry evolves from a virtual machine abstraction layer to container abstraction layer, Maxta will give customers a single platform that will support the abstraction layer that is best suited for each workload.

Maxta gives organizations such as the United States Air Force, Driscoll’s, American Fidelity and Trusource Labs freedom of choice in nearly every area of the software-defined datacenter.

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