We are excited to be a part of the Red Hat infrastructure migration solution to help VMware vSphere customers free up impacted IT budgets for use on digital transformation initiatives by reducing or eliminating their “VMware Tax”.

Since Maxta is the only Hyperconverged Solution that supports both Red Hat Virtualization and VMware Virtualization, customers can use native Maxta functionality to migrate all or some of their vSphere-based virtual machines to Red Hat Virtualization. VMware customers can migrate virtual machines to Red Hat Virtualization at their own pace and still take advantage of unmatched Hyperconverged performance for both virtualizations solutions. Once customers have migrated to Red Hat Virtualization, they can also support containers, natively or within a virtual machine, on the same Maxta Hyperconverged Solution using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Best of all, the recently announced Hyperconverged (Un)Appliance with Red Hat Virtualization and Maxta software provides all the advantages of hyperconverged appliances without the downsides. There’s no appliance refresh tax since you own the Maxta software license for life as opposed to repurchasing the hyperconverged software when refreshing the hyperconverged appliance as the hyperconverged software license is tied to the appliance. There is no appliance upgrade tax as you can granularly add capacity by adding drives to existing (Un)Appliances or replacing smaller drives with larger drives in existing (Un)Appliances as opposed to adding capacity only by adding entire hyperconverged appliances. There’s no VMware tax and there are no issues with application and operating systems being supported on proprietary, closed-source KVM virtualization. Additionally, per VM resiliency and performance policies also allow IT to run mixed workloads on the same cluster without penalty.

If you are interested to see how you can board the VMware Escape Pod, please request a demo.