Cloud-Based Rendering Solution

Provide a variety of computing power resources to meet the needs of rendering on GPU, CPU, support the rapid creation and management of clusters, minimize labor and cost investment, so that users can focus on the creative business of rendering.

Business Challenges


High investment cost

When users build their own rendering clusters, they need to purchase a large number of hardware devices, and the investment costs and subsequent maintenance and operation costs are very high.

Low resource utilization

As business changes, self-built rendering clusters are unable to achieve on-demand elasticity and scalability of resources, and resources cannot be efficiently utilized during business downturns.

Single computing power resource

In the face of different rendering scenarios, customers need to maximize the acceleration effect by matching different computing power units, and self-built services can’t temporarily adjust the type of hardware.

Difficult to adapt to business expansion

Rendering business has obvious peaks and valleys effect, regular rendering service can’t flexibly expand the capacity to meet the business demand during the peak period of the customer’s business.

Solution Strengths

Efficient data management

Massive video files are managed through shared file storage, which facilitates data access to computing nodes for processing while safeguarding data security.

High rendering efficiency

Minute-by-minute elasticity and high-performance resource scheduling can easily cope with larger-scale rendering clusters and parallel demand for rendering tasks.

Strong scalability

High-performance computing resources and storage resources can be called up on demand, avoiding business peaks and vacant resources.

Hybrid cloud architecture

Support customers’ on-premise and cloud networks to build an integrated rendering service on and off the cloud.

Product Selection

Cloud-Based Rendering Architecture

Provide a variety of professional GPU rendering power to help users build their own rendering process and utilize the scheduling ability of massive GPU computing power resources to efficiently complete visual creation work.