Maxta, a leading hyperconvergence software company, a subsidiary of Huayun Data Group Technologies, today announced its release of version 3.5.2, which fully supports Red Hat KVM. The combination of Red Hat KVM and Maxta provides a cost-effective & powerful Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solution that simplifies virtualization and containerized workloads, while it also provides unparallel scalability to meet current and future storage computing requirements.

This new version, 3.5.2, enables organizations to easily migrate virtual machines (VMs) from VMware ESXi to Red Hat Virtualization which would ultimately help to reduce the licensing & support costs.  Maxta HCI solution allows customer the freedom to choose their own server platform, whether it’s hybrid or all-flash, and network infrastructure.  It eliminates the lock-in of certain type of hardware & hypervisor vendors, and more importantly it facilitates the movement to open source virtualization.

“As we were planning to implement HCI for our San Leandro HQ, I looked at several other HCI solutions but none of them matched Maxta’s balance between features, versatility, ease of use, and price point. “, said Larry Y. Wong, Senior Systems Administrator at Peterson Holding.

About Maxta

Maxta is the only hyperconvergence provider that gives IT the freedom to choose both servers and abstraction layers including hypervisors and containers. Maxta’s unique software approach to hyperconvergence enables IT to scale storage independent of compute, run mixed workloads on the same cluster, and eliminate the hyperconverged appliance refresh tax when servers must be repurchased or upgraded. Maxta is available as software only or as preconfigured solution on most brands of server hardware.