Higher Education Research Solution

Through the integration of computing power and data, it helps higher education institutions to solve their daily AI teaching and laboratory research needs, and easily cope with various research scenarios.

Business Challenges


High investment costs

GPU resources are expensive, and the limited size of higher education GPU resources cannot meet the computing power resource needs.

Complementary facilities are in short supply

Schools need to provide specialized rooms/hardware/software in order for students to do experiments.

Single computing power resource

In the face of different scientific research scenarios, it is necessary to maximize the acceleration effect by matching different computing power units.

Difficulty in acquiring, maintaining, and sharing research data

Datasets are essential in AI learning, and it takes a lot of effort from schools to acquire the latest datasets in a timely manner, as well as to share the data well for school access.

Solution Strengths

Easy to use and fast to deploy

With a large number of deep learning frameworks and development tools pre-installed, AI beginners can easily get one or several HPC instances in a few minutes just by following the tutorials.

Elastic scaling and flexible configuration

On-demand flexible customization, one-click upgrade to higher performance and capacity of the instance specifications, to achieve rapid, hot expansion to meet the needs of rapid business development.

Ultimate performance, stability and security

A variety of high-performance professional GPU exclusive use, strong performance, combined with high stability and security of the cloud, to meet the needs of learning and scientific research.

Easy access to massive datasets

Provide a large number of public datasets, which can be directly called up without any other operation, so as to speed up students’ learning.

Product Selection

Research Architecture for Higher Education

Provide a variety of computing power and massive data to maximize the convenience of study and research for higher education students.