This is a translated excerpt from an article that was originally published in InfoChannel, a Spanish-language IT publication in Mexico.

Hyper-convergent data centers for any environment 

The main business of Maxta lies in offering software for hyperconverged data centers, which is compatible with any hardware brand, which allows it to reach those customers who already have an infrastructure, where in addition to being under perpetual licensing models, it allows a better return on investment.

Carlos Huescas, Systems Engineer of Maxta, explained that one of the advantages of this software is that it can adapt to any environment and can be used for practically any type of market, be it banking, retail, distribution chains, government, and all those who are betting to integrate a strategy of digital transformation.

In this way, the main solutions that make up its product portfolio are oriented to business data, remote offices, virtual desktops, digital banking, among others.

It will be in the coming days, when the manufacturer introduces a mini site to show the benefits of the solution, in addition to offering access to remote laboratories so that the channels can test the solution.

So far, it has 27 new channels, which have already received relevant training and are already working in some areas of opportunity.

According to Huescas, the goal is to finish the calendar year with a total of 40 distributors that have extensive knowledge in virtual environments and solutions for data centers.

Between the support that the manufacturer will offer to the channel is the constant and free training in place, which will allow the channels to offer the solutions through Ecomsa, taking care that their profit margins surpass the traditional ones.