Intelligent Computing Center Construction

The computing center construction solution is highly scalable and flexible, and can help users achieve the maximum utilization of computing resources and the enhancement of business value.

Solution Strengths


Full-Stack Service

Provide computing power pooling and cloud-based full-stack solutions, as well as intelligent operation and maintenance management tools for data centers to achieve flexible allocation, efficient utilization and intelligent supervision of computing power resources.

Full Device Adaptation

The underlying pooling and cloud technology is adapted to global mainstream general-purpose and intelligent computing power device.

High-Performance Architecture

Support a variety of high-performance network architectures and can match the network topology according to the cluster size. Adopt non-blocking design to fully utilize the performance of the device.

Solution Architecture

Massive, High-Performance, On-Demand Computing Power Infrastructure

Free Testing, Flexible Subscription Model, One-Click Ready To Use



Traditional IDC

Next Generation Intelligent Computing Upgrade

Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

Cluster Ecosystem Expansion

Dynamic Computing Power Scheduling


Large Enterprise

Local Computing Center

Remote Computing Centers

Infrastructure Expansion

Business Value Enhancement


Scientific Research Organizations

On-Demand Computing Power Provisioning

Industry Application Tuning

Heterogeneous Device Adaptation

Resource Utilization Efficiency