Comparing Hyperconvergence Architectures

Software vs. Appliances

As is the case with many emerging technologies, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for hyperconverged infrastructure. In fact, with more vendors entering this space every day, there is a consistent stream of new solutions on the market. Each of these solutions has its own set of strengths and challenges, especially in terms of refreshing hardware, increasing capacity, and leveraging the latest server and disk drive technology.

Industry analyst ActualTech Media outlines the benefits of hyperconverged solutions and compares the two different approaches:  a hardware appliance-based solution or a software solution.

This analyst report examines:

  • The big picture: Hyperconverged infrastructure
  • The role that software defined storage plays in the world of hyperconvergence
  • Comparison of hardware and software approaches to hyperconvergence

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