High-Performance Computing Solution

High-performance computing solution is an efficient, reliable, flexible and secure computing service that provides powerful computing resources for scientific computing, artificial intelligence and other scenarios, helping customers reduce TCO, shorten the time-to-market and improve the competitiveness of enterprise business.

Business Challenges


Heavy assets, long construction cycle

Exclusive assets are strictly arranged according to the plan, and it takes several months from the bidding to the completion of the construction; the long construction cycle can not meet the business development trend.

Heavy maintenance workload

Business should be responsive and can not be down. With the development of the business, the nodes of the construction gradually increase in size and the maintenance workload is huge; so that the enterprise can not be fully focused on its own business development.

Fast hardware and device update and iteration

Rapid expansion of computing volume results in inadequate planning to keep up with changes. Endless new technologies, severe aging of equipment and fast update of hardware fail to meet the computing needs.

High operation costs

The cost of building the server room by the customer occupies a high operation cost,including server room rental fee, electricity, water, system management fee, service consulting fee, and device operation and maintenance cost, etc.

Solution Strengths

Excellent performance experience

The latest hardware supports application acceleration and multiple GPU computing power to build high-performance clusters.

Comprehensive security protection

Secure and reliable high-performance computing platform provides end-to-end security solutions to ensure that user data is safe and undisclosed.

Unified resource management, easy to start

One-stop management of multiple types of computing power resources, unified monitoring and operation and maintenance, easy to manage.

Fast availability and scaling

Instant access to computing power resources and fast scaling, pay-as-you-go for cost savings.

Product Selection

High-Performance Computing Cloud Architecture

Provide high-performance, high-reliability, easy and secure computing power clusters to meet the massive computing needs in artificial intelligence, scientific computing and other fields.