Maxta Storage Platform – The End of External Storage


Maxta Storage Platform (MxSP) is a hypervisor agnostic, software-only implementation of enterprise storage solution for virtualized environments providing VM-level storage abstraction and full integration into server virtualization management scheme and user interface. Maxta Storage eliminates the need for storage arrays (either SAN or NAS) delivering shared storage by aggregating dispersed storage resources from multiple servers. Our Software-Defined VM-centric shared storage platform is a SAN, NAS, and DAS alternative that dramatically simplifies IT by eliminating storage provisioning, storage management and storage networking, enabling administrators to focus on high value-add initiatives.

Maxta Storage delivers VM-centric enterprise-class data services to support advanced shared storage capabilities such as live migration of virtual machines, dynamic load balancing, high availability, data protection and disaster recovery.

Maxta Storage enables significant capital savings by converging compute and storage resources on standard commodity servers, without compromising performance or scalability for virtual workloads. Our Software-Defined VM-centric shared storage platform can coexist alongside traditional storage arrays and servers thereby providing investment protection. The versatile architecture provides the ability to scale capacity and performance independently, on-demand, without having to over-provision resources.    Contact us to learn more »



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  • The simplicity, high availability and performance of Maxta Storage was evident from the beginning and we now rely on Maxta Storage for our critical applications.
    Soumitra Ghosh, VP of IT, Driscoll’s

  • The implementation of Maxta software has enabled us to utilize enterprise data services, such as high availability, VM snapshots and cloning, that was previously not available with the iSCSI array.
    Mike Leland, VSS Monitoring, Data Center Engineer

  • We chose Maxta for our virtual environment due to its cost effectiveness and management simplicity. I was impressed by the fact that Maxta’s architecture is able to leverage commodity SSD and SATA drives to get optimum performance and capacity without any cost trade-offs.
    Subha Rajana, VP Operations & CFO, Vedams 

  • Maxta solution can essentially be seen as a server-based storage app; as such it’s a perfect fit for an increasingly converged, and yet heterogeneous, world where easy to deploy and use software management is crucial from both operational and economic viewpoints.
    Mark Peters, Sr. Analyst, ESG

  • The savings potential of implementing Maxta storage encompasses reduced hardware requirements, reductions in data center power, cooling and floor space requirements, and ease of use that allows IT to control storage costs and for VM administrators to control their own data destiny.
    Deni Connor, Founding analyst, SSG-NOW