Key Benefits

Dramatically Simplify IT – Manage VMs, NOT Storage:

Simplicity is one of the core design elements of Maxta Storage. Maxta’s hyper-converged infrastructure eliminates the need for storage provisioning and storage management. Data services such as snapshots, zero-copy clones, local/remote replication and capacity optimization features like thin provisioning, inline compression and inline de-duplication are configured and managed from the virtualization UI at the VM-level granularity rather than from a storage UI at the volume or file-level granularity. By converging storage into standard servers, Maxta’s hyper-converged infrastructure also removes the need for storage networking and associated management. These design points enable administrators to focus on managing VMs and NOT storage.

Enhance Resiliency, High Availability, Data Protection, and Agility – Provide Enterprise-class Data Services:

The revolutionary Maxta Storage platform eliminates single point of failure by delivering best-in-class data resiliency, integrity and high availability leveraging strong checksums and data replication for all stored data. Time, performance and capacity efficient snapshots and clones provide the first layer of data protection and the ability to rapidly provision VMs. Additionally, disaster recovery of applications is greatly simplified and accelerated for business continuity leveraging VM-level remote replication.

Cost-efficiency Without Compromises – Leverage Hyper-Convergence and Commodity Components:

Maxta Storage is installed on the servers running the server virtualization software. Maxta’s hyper-converged infrastructure leverages any combination of magnetic disk drives and server-side flash technology to support a wide spectrum of cost/performance options. Maxta capacity optimization features such as thin provisioning, inline compression and inline de-duplication improve storage utilization by a factor of 3X – 5X. The elimination of storage arrays, optimization of storage media, and capacity optimization result in 65% reduction in capital expenses. By significantly simplifying IT, increasing IT efficiency and eliminating the cost of power, cooling, and floor space associated with storage arrays Maxta Storage enables 90% reduction in operating expenses.