Maxta Hyperconvergence Software is the only solution that gives IT the ability to run virtual desktops alongside other workloads in the same cluster with no performance penalty.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) promises to simplify management and security of user desktops, but the infrastructure costs – especially storage – have always been a roadblock to success. Hyperconverged appliances look promising, but come at a premium price and often lack the flexibility to run mixed workloads on one cluster or scale compute and storage separately.

Maxta gives IT the ability to build VDI environments using industry standard hardware. With Maxta, IT can scale infrastructure out as need grows, and run mixed workloads on the same cluster without any performance penalty.

Consistent Performance for Any Application

Optimized for Mixed Workloads

Why create separate, siloed clusters for VDI when you can use the infrastructure you have?

Maxta is an VM-centric platform. It optimizes performance and availability on a per-application basis, so you can reduce costs and increase flexibility by running mixed workloads on the same cluster – and improve performance for applications 25 percent. With Maxta, there’s no need to wait until you can afford completely new infrastructure to run VDI. You can run VDI on the servers you already own, even if there are other applications running on them today.

No More Wrestling With Capacity Planning

From Zero to VDI in 15 Minutes

Maxta Hyperconvergence Software can get you running on VDI quickly, without the headaches of planning and configuring traditional storage.

Choose from Maxta software you install on your own servers or buy pre-configured systems with Maxta software ready to go. Just connect to your virtualization environment – either VMware vSphere or Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization – and start deploying virtual desktops.  Since Maxta lets you control performance and availability policies per VM, there’s no need to worry about tuning the environment just for VDI.

The Advantages of an Appliance without any of the Downsides

Scale Compute and Storage Independently

VDI doesn’t always scale in linear increments of compute and storage. Maxta gives you the flexibility grow compute and storage independently – something hyperconverged appliances can’t offer.

On the surface, a turnkey hyperconverged appliance looks like a good way to go for VDI. It’s simple to rack and stack new systems as demand grows. But appliances can’t scale in small increments, or scale compute and storage resources separately – the very thing VDI deployments often need. There’s also a “refresh tax” – whenever you refresh the hardware, you have to buy the software again.

The alternative, hyperconverged software, means you’re never locked into a hardware or hypervisor platform. And software lets you scale compute and storage independently.

The Freedom to choose. The flexibility to change.

Hardware and Virtualization Independent

Maxta gives you the choice of server vendor and hypervisor so you can build virtual desktop infrastructure that’s best for your organization.

Hyperconverged appliances and even some hyperconvergence software restrict your choice of hardware and hypervisor. Maxta provides platform-agnostic Hyperconvergence Software, so you have a choice of hardware and hypervisors. That gives you a clear advantage over costly and complex traditional storage arrays that lock you into their platform. Hyperconverged appliances promise to solve this too but still lock you into a hypervisor, a hardware platform or both. Maxta gives you the freedom to choose both, and easily change platforms down the road.

Avoid hardware and hypervisor lock-in

Choose Your Hardware and Hypervisor

Maxta supports for over 7 enterprise server vendors and multiple hypervisors.

Maxta works with most major server vendors, including Cisco, Dell-EMC, HP Enterprise, Huawei, Lenovo, Quanta, Super Micro, and more. You can choose from pre-configured, pre-validated solutions with Maxta pre-installed, buy your own hardware, or even use existing server hardware. Maxta supports VMware vSphere and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization platforms and gives you the ability migrate VMs seamlessly between them.

Advantages for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


Run Mixed Workloads

Never worry about creating silos of infrastructure for VDI. Mix and match different desktop types or even server applications on the same cluster with no performance penalty.


Use Your Existing Hardware

Why buy new hardware when you’re just getting started with VDI? Use your existing servers to get started.


Never Overprovision Compute or Storage

Scale compute and storage separately by adding disk, memory, or CPU to existing nodes, add new nodes as you need them.


Manage VMs, Not Storage

Improve infrastructure utilization by 40% and improve performance by 25% with VM-level policies.


Hardware & Virtualization Independent

Use your brand of x86 server with the flexibility to run different hardware and multiple hypervisors on a single platform.


No Refresh Tax

Only pay for software once with a perpetual or subscription license – not every time you refresh hardware.


No Upgrade Tax

Add capacity to a node, add a node, or add compute only nodes – without appliance or storage vendor markups.

Eliminate the hidden hyperconvergence refresh and upgrade tax, and avoid hypervisor and hardware lock-in!