Integrated Computing Power Platform

Built on cutting-edge computing power scheduling technology, leveraging the advantages of non-local, heterogeneous, and energy-efficient features, our system rapidly, flexibly, and on-demand matches computing power resources for users, resulting in cost savings and lowering the utilization threshold.



Multiple Computing Power Convergence

Users can flexibly combine and adjust various computing power resources, including: different chips such as GPU, FPGA, ASIC, different hardware architectures such as x86, ARM, etc. to meet different application requirements.

Computing Power Scheduling Engine

The platform can automatically allocate and adjust computing power resources according to user demand, computing power resource status, and pre-drafted scheduling policies, balancing resource utilization and system stability.

Unit Type


Cost-Effective Computing Power


Lowering the Threshold for Large Model Training


Accelerated Delivery of AI Applications


Enhanced Data Security Assurance

Highlighted Features

Multiple High-Performance Computing Power

Efficient Computing Power Synergy

Multi-Computing Centers Interoperability

Intelligent Computing Power Scheduling

Flexible and Efficient Task Management

Diversified High-Performance Computing Power

Platform Architecture

Platform Architecture

Deep Learning Training

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Scientific Computing/Engineering Simulation

Digital Media Production

Large Scale Data Analytics

Cloud Gaming/Virtual Desktop


Digital Finance

Massive, High-Performance, On-Demand Computing Power Infrastructure

Free Testing, Flexible Subscription Model, One-Click Ready To Use