Maxta Storage Platform re-defines enterprise storage. It dramatically simplifies IT, provides all the enterprise-class data services that are required in the virtualized data center, and dramatically reduces capital and operating expenses. The table below provides an overview of the key features that Maxta is supporting.

Feature Function Benefit
Manage VMs, NOT Storage
Single pane of glass for VM and data management
  • Eliminate storage management
  • Dramatically Simplify IT
VM centric data services
  • Manage all data services at VM level granularity
  • No need for storage specific expertise
Enterprise-class data services
Unlimited number of snapshots
  • Create time, performance and capacity efficient VM level point in time copy
  • Data Protection
  • Rapid recovery of applications
  • Eliminate backup window
Unlimited number of zero-copy clones
  • Instantly create VMs without copying data
  • Rapid provisioning for test, development and VDI
Native Local Replication
  • Replicate data across servers within the virtualization cluster
  • Data Availability
Native Remote Replication
  • Replicate compressed delta changes at VM level granularity
  • Disaster Recovery
Consistency groups
  • Comprehensive recoverability for applications that span multiple VMs
  • Data Protection
  • Rapid recovery of applications
Thin Provisioning
  • Ability to provision capacity several times larger than the size of raw physical storage
  • Maximize storage utilization
Inline compression and de-duplication
  • Reduce capacity consumption by a factor of 3X – 5X for all virtualized workloads
  • Significantly reduce storage capacity requirements
High Availability
  • Failover VMs and storage in case of server failures
  • Application uptime
Strong checksum
  • Data Integrity
  • Data Availability
Convergence and Commodity Components
Vendor agnostic converged compute and storage
  • Leverage commodity components
  • Ride the technology curve
  • Eliminate storage arrays
  • Significantly reduce cost
Optimized for flash performance and disk drive capacity
  • Intelligently optimize mapping of VMs to storage resources
  • Accelerate random writes with sequential data log layout
  • Enable read/write caching
  • Eliminate difficult tradeoffs between performance and cost.
  • Significantly reduce cost
Co-exist with other storage solutions
  • Provide flexibility
  • Investment protection