Maxta MVP Marketing Programs

Maxta offers a variety of marketing resources, programs, tools, and communication vehicles to help its partners market and sell its solutions.

Co-marketing Opportunities with Maxta

  • Eligible co-marketing activities include:
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Web Seminars
  • Trade shows & Exhibitions
  • Email Communications
  • Blitz (Call out) Days

See the MVP Program Guide for full details on the Maxta joint marketing funding program rules and guidelines.  To request joint funding, please fill out the MDF fund request form here.

Marketing with Maxta assets

  • If you wish to use Maxta materials for lead generation, we would be happy to work with you to set up dedicated campaigns and lead registration pages that can help track and manage leads. All leads generated by your company will be routed back to your company unless you would like Maxta support in helping qualify these leads.
  • Maxta has an inside sales organization that can help you manage your MaxDeploy leads by assisting you with lead qualification, appointment setting, joint call campaigns/blitz day support as well as providing support through-out the opportunity management process
  • Please note that all leads generated from these campaigns will not be turned over to other partners, however, deals must be registered through Maxta’s deal registration process to qualify for deal protection and discounts.
  • MVP Partner Logo’s should be used for these co-marketing efforts.

Co-Marketing Funds

Maxta offers, at its sole discretion, funds to be used exclusively for external marketing and sales activities designed to create demand, attract new Maxta customers and generate sales. If mutually agreed in writing, Maxta will pay for a portion of the joint marketing activities related costs.

Maxta Marketing Guidelines

Maxta welcomes and encourages our partners to promote Maxta solutions as part of their marketing efforts. Delivery of MaxDeploy appliances is made possible with the support of our partners. In addition to providing partners with attractive revenue streams and profitability, Maxta is committed to providing our partners the marketing support necessary to build awareness and sales of our joint solutions.

Below are the marketing guidelines and resources available to help promote and sell Maxta solutions as part of a virtual data center portfolio.

Maxta Company Description

Maxta maximizes the promise of hyper-convergence. Maxta MaxDeploy Appliances and MxSP solutions provide companies the choice to hyper-converge on any x86 server, the ability to run on any hypervisor or compute abstraction, with any storage configuration. Maxta VM-centric solutions simplify IT management and reduce cost, all while delivering hyper-scale, high availability, enterprise-level data services, and capacity optimization. With Maxta, service providers and enterprise customers can build private and public clouds based on OpenStack orchestration software and commodity server platforms, eliminating the need for complex and expensive storage arrays and increasing applications resiliency. Think outside the storage box.

Maxta Authorized Partner Logos

Maxta MaxDeploy Copy for Websites and Data Sheets

MaxDeploy Appliances deliver a flexible way of deploying hyper-converged infrastructure by pre-defining and pre-validating appliance solutions that combine Maxta’s hyper-convergence software along with leading server platforms and virtual data center solutions. MaxDeploy is much more than a software and a hardware compatibility list (HCL) and removes the challenges of interoperability and performance guesswork. MaxDeploy appliances are simple to order, noting that companies retain the flexibility to scale compute and storage independently to meet their organization’s needs. Maxta’s hyper-convergence software for MaxDeploy appliances is purchased by partners on a terabyte basis and can be purchased as a subscription or perpetual license.

MaxDeploy leverages x86 industry-standard server platforms from all the leading server vendors to create a converged compute/storage platform that delivers new levels of agility, reliability, performance, and cost-effective scalability in a distributed scale-out architecture. By delivering a hyper-converged solution on an industry standard architecture, organizations achieve unprecedented choice, flexibility, and value.

[It is recommended to add your MaxDeploy appliance name and part numbers as a link or additional information here]