MVP Partner Program

Membership in the MVP Program provides you with access to the people, tools, and support to enable your business growth. The MVP Program provides a number of partnership benefits including sales and marketing tools, skill-building training, and technical support to every partner regardless of specialty or size

Maxta offers two partner levels in the MVP program

  • MVP Partner: As an MVP Partner, your organization’s primary business is as a value-added reseller and technology consultant. Your key capabilities include the ability to help customers design, plan and deploy storage and/or virtualization technology. Partners are expected to invest time in becoming competent in Maxta solutions and are authorized to sell the full Maxta line of solutions.
  • MVP Elite Partners: MVP Elite partners meet a minimum set of requirements. These requirements include:
    • Actively sell Maxta solutions
    • Acquire NFR software to use for demonstration purposes or become trained in running a demo on Maxta’s cloud instance
    • Conduct joint marketing initiatives in collaboration with Maxta
    • Participation in Maxta sales/SE incentives
    • Optionally deliver level 1 / 2 support within 6 months of Elite designation