This resource center contains sales and technical training modules to help Maxta partners qualify, sell, and demo Maxta solutions.

Sales and Technical Training & Accreditation

Maxta has a training program to help its partners develop sales, pre-sales technical and post-sales technical capabilities needed to sell, support and deliver Maxta solutions to our joint customers. All MVP partners are expected to have at least one trained and accredited systems engineer and one trained and accredited sales representative on staff. The courses are free, self-paced and available on demand for your convenience.

Upon initial entry into the MVP Program, partners have 60 calendar days for their representatives to take the online courses and gain the required accreditation.

Sales Accreditation

The following modules are required to achieve sales accreditation:

Videos and Webinars

Maxta Company Overview Yoram Novick, Maxta CEO interview with Scott Lowe Co-Founder Actual/Tech Media Video
Who is Maxta? “Think Outside the Storage Box”  Learn how Maxta “Thinks Outside the Storage Box” with Hyper-ConvergenceMaxta Presents at Storage Field Day 7  Video
Maxta Solutions Overview  This session will cover Maxta’s solutions for hyper-convergence and Maxta’s technology building blocks. Learn about Maxta capabilities, features, and functions.Maxta Presents at Storage Field Day 7  Video
Maxta Hyper-Convergence Overview Yoram Novick, Maxta CEO interview with Scott Lowe Co-Founder Actual/Tech Media Video
Maxta Design Principles and Software Stack  Learn what is “under the hood” of the Maxta solution architecture.Maxta Presents at Storage Field Day 7  Video
Maxta Technical Overview Kiran Sreenivasmurthy, Maxta Director of Product Management interview with David Davis vExpert Actual/Tech Media Video
  Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: Software-Based Flexibility vs. Appliance-Based Solutions Learn how to evaluate and compare software-based, reference architectures, and appliance-based hyper-converged solutions.

Host: Scott Lowe, Actual/Tech Media

Snapshots Without Penalty How Maxta beats VSAN snapshots

Host: Howard Marks, DeepStorage

Maxta KVM/OpenStack Demo This demo will show Maxta hyper-converged solution, based on MxSP, being set up in a KVM/OpenStack environment, running key data services.

Maxta Presents at Storage Field Day 7


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