Maxta maximizes the promise of hyperconvergence in Test and Development environments

Maxta hyperconverged solutions create new opportunities for faster and more streamlined product development cycles and meet the needs of even the most demanding Test and Development environments.

By eliminating storage provisioning and management, Maxta gives development and test teams the ability to self-deploy virtual machines and their associated storage. Additionally, Maxta provides the following benefits:

  • Enterprise-class data services enable efficient snapshots and clones to improve productivity
  • Thin provisioning, inline compression, and inline deduplication maximize storage capacity
  • By combining the ability to run on standard x86 servers with the elimination of storage arrays, cost efficiency is also maximized

For your virtualized environments, Maxta is an ideal storage solution to maximize your Test and Development infrastructures. With Maxta’s reduced complexity, Test and Development teams are more productive, have fewer errors, and can bring new products to market faster.

The test and development VMs would require a high amount of IOPS and, unfortunately, with a shared architecture it would cause a performance hit to all of our virtual machines in the cluster. Once we transitioned the high IOPS VMs to Maxta, those complaints disappeared and everyone on the iSCSI array is happy again. – – MIKE LELAND, DATA CENTER ENGINEER, VSS MONITORING

Other Use Cases

Explore how Maxta software-defined storage provides flexibility, savings, and increased levels of efficiency for virtualized environments.