Maxta maximizes the promise of hyper-convergence for mission-critical applications

Maxta provides organizations the choice to deploy hyper-convergence on any x86 server, any hypervisor, and any combination of storage devices. The simplicity of Maxta’s VM-centric solution reduces IT management to maximize cost savings. Hyper-scale, enterprise-class data services, and capacity optimization empower organizations to hyper-converge, eliminating the need for SAN or NAS devices.

Maxta storage is designed from the ground-up as a software-defined storage solution that complements the investment in server virtualization without compromising enterprise-class data services. By converging applications, server virtualization, and storage on standard servers, Maxta storage elevates storage and data services to the same levels of simplicity, agility, flexibility, and availability that server virtualization provides for compute resources.

Maxta storage delivers VM-centric, enterprise-class data services to support advanced shared storage capabilities such as live migration of virtual machines, dynamic load balancing, high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery. VM-level storage abstraction, and full integration into the server virtualization management scheme and user interface, simplify operations and management.

Maxta’s hyper-converged infrastructure eliminates the need for storage provisioning and storage management. Data services such as snapshots, zero-copy clones, local mirroring and local replication, and capacity optimization features like thin provisioning, inline compression, and inline deduplication are configured and managed from the virtualization UI at VM-level granularity, rather than from a storage UI at volume or file-level granularity. By converging storage into standard servers, Maxta’s hyper-converged infrastructure also removes the need for storage networking and associated management. These design points enable administrators to focus on managing VMs and NOT storage.

Maxta software-defined, VM-centric shared storage has become an increasingly popular SAN, NAS, and DAS alternative that dramatically simplifies IT by eliminating storage provisioning, storage management, and storage networking, enabling administrators to focus on high value-add initiatives.

To simplify ordering, and for predictability of performance, MaxDeploy Reference Architectures provide a predefined and pre-validated set of hardware and software for a variety of virtualized applications. The architectures deliver the ability to combine the best-in-class technology for compute, storage, and networking components. This delivers a simple and cost-effective solution without compromising features or performance to customers.

Maxta’s solution can essentially be seen as a server-based storage app; as such, it’s a perfect fit for an increasingly converged, and yet heterogeneous, world where easy to deploy and use software management is crucial from both operational and economic viewpoints. – – MARK PETERS, SR. ANALYST, ESG

Other Use Cases

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