Product Benefits and Features

Maxta provides a software-defined storage solution that maximizes the promise of hyper-convergence and can be deployed either as software or as part of a MaxDeploy Architecture. By maximizing choice, simplicity, and savings, organizations achieve the greatest return on their investment in virtualized data centers without compromising data services, scalability, or resiliency.

Maximize Choice

Maxta gives you the choice to run on any x86 server—and is designed to work with any hypervisor, on any storage device, and with all data services.

Maximize Savings

Lower your CAPEX costs by running on any x86 hardware. Lower your OPEX costs by simplifying IT and lowering power, cooling, and other operating costs.

Maximize Simplicity

VM-centric Maxta lets you manage all of your storage like any other virtual machine—while still delivering all of the enterprise-class data services that you want.

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Solutions for Enterprise and SMB

From SMB to Enterprise, and spanning across industry verticals, you can maximize the benefits of hyper-convergence with Maxta’s storage solution.

Use Cases

For virtualized environments, Maxta has a compelling storage solution for you.

MaxDeploy & Tech Partners

Through work with technology partners, Maxta provides preconfigured and pre-validated solutions.

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Solutions for Cloud Service Providers

Service Providers maximize their cloud offerings with Maxta software–defined solutions designed to scale up and scale out on commodity-based servers and storage hardware. Maxta provides substantial CAPEX and OPEX savings, along with the flexibility to easily deploy and redeploy resources based on its software foundation.