Maxta is the first hyper-converged vendor to support VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster. VMware vSphere® Metro Storage Cluster (VMware vMSC) is commonly referred to as a stretched storage cluster or metro storage cluster. It is implemented in environments where application continuous availability is a key requirement.

The key benefit of a Maxta Metro Storage Cluster is that it enable an active-active and balanced workload datacenters. It enables functionalities such as VMware vSphere HA, vMotion and vSphere DRS between datacenters delivering on-demand mobility of workloads.

Maxta Metro Storage Cluster delivers the following benefits:

  • Workload mobility
  • Cross-site automated load balancing
  • Continuous data availability across datacenters (Recovery Point Objective = 0)

The technology can be adopted to provide continuous availability between racks within a datacenter or across buildings within a campus.

The key requirements to support Maxta Metro Storage Cluster are:

  • The maximum latency of 5ms round-trip time (RTT) between datacenters for the storage network.
  • The maximum latency of 10ms round-trip time (RTT) between datacenters for the VMware vSphere management network.