Sunnyvale, Calif., October 23, 2014 – Maxta®, a leader in hyper-convergence and software-defined storage, today announced that its Maxta Storage Platform (MxSP) has been named among 2014’s best software-only products that provide advanced infrastructure capabilities to commodity data center hardware by judges of the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards.


The Impact Awards recognize the top products, technologies and services in the essential areas of technology that Modern Architecture covers. The award-winning tools are those that help enterprise businesses run with efficiency and insight –whether they are used inside the data center or not. Winners will be selected via online voting that closes October 31 and announced in early January in a special issue of the publication.


Among the nominated finalists, MxSP is the only solution that provides no vendor lock in; simplified IT management; all the enterprise-class data services required without the need for costly NAS or SAN; lower OPEX and CAPEX; and the flexibility to run on existing servers or as part of a pre-validated MaxDeploy Hyper-converged Reference Architecture.


“Awards, such as the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards, provide validation for the quality of a solution like Maxta Storage Platform and serve as recognition for the hard work and dedication to the world-class team behind it,” said Yoram Novick, Maxta founder, president and CEO. “We have enjoyed recognition for this work from a number of media and industry outlets previously and we are pleased to once again be recognized among the finalists for this award. I am confident that voters will reward us in our efforts to redefine enterprise storage through our innovative software-defined storage platform that dramatically simplifies IT while significantly reducing costs.”


Maxta’s innovative software-defined storage continues to deliver on the promise of hyper-convergence by providing greater choice, flexibility and savings while running on standard x86 servers and providing a complete suite of enterprise-class data services. Recently announced MxSP features provide improved VM-centric automation, simplified data protection, and greater availability and resiliency. Additionally, with its September announcement, Maxta was the first hyper-convered vendor to provide support for VMware Stretch Storage Metro Cluster for continuous availability in case of site, data center or rack failure, along with improved self-healing capabilities to detect and auto-correct inconsistencies in data. Performance enhancements include improved caching algorithms and improved flash utilization to deliver consistent and predictable latency.


MxSP software configured in the MaxDeploy Reference Architecture running on Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processors has been recognized as the first hyper-converged solution to run on the newest Intel processors and provides significant improvements over previous generations of x86 servers in the number of I/O transactions per second, read and write latency, and the number of virtual machines deployed on a server. By using MaxDeploy with the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors, Intel NVMe based solid-state drives, and Intel Ethernet Controller XL710, enterprises now have the flexibility to scale their environment on-demand without over provisioning resources.


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Maxta maximizes the promise of hyper-convergence. Maxta software-defined storage solutions provide organizations the choice to deploy hyper-convergence on any x86 server, use any hypervisor and any combination of storage devices. The simplicity of Maxta’s VM-centric solution reduces IT management to further maximize cost savings. Hyper-scale, enterprise-level data services and capacity optimization, empower organizations to hyper-converge, eliminating the need for SAN or NAS devices. Think outside the storage box. For more information visit


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