Santa Clara, Calif. – October 2, 2018 – Maxta Inc., a leading provider of hyperconvergence software, was recently awarded a U.S. Patent (No. 10,061,781) for shared data storage leveraging dispersed storage devices. This broad patent, partly based on earlier Maxta patent applications, recognizes Maxta as a pioneer in the Hyperconverged Solutions market and its industry leadership in collapsing compute, storage, and storage networking into a single server tier.

Maxta’s patent covers storage systems that provide shared storage by utilizing dispersed storage devices while optimizing both the placement of data across the dispersed devices and the method for accessing storage data. As detailed, the storage system enables high levels of scalability and performance while minimizing resource consumption. This innovation serves as the basis of Maxta Hyperconvergence Software offerings.

“Typically, patents are awarded on the basis of very specific, very detailed aspects to enable the differentiation of inventions within a given field,” said George Crump, President of Storage Switzerland. “But this award not only covers Maxta’s approach to hyperconvergence but somewhat serves as the standard bearer of HCI itself. It’s an impressive win for the company and shows that they are true trailblazers in the industry.”

Backed by its latest patent, Maxta Hyperconvergence software reduces capital and operating costs by up to 70 percent and frees IT from the refresh and upgrade cycles of traditional storage vendors and other hyperconvergence vendors. Moreover, Maxta offers customers the freedom and flexibility to choose or change hardware and hypervisors so they can avoid vendor lock-in. Maxta supports every major server brand and multiple hypervisors. In addition, with Maxta, it’s easy to run mixed workloads on the same cluster with no performance penalty.

“While we are pleased to see our innovation with hyperconvergence being recognized by the USPTO with the granting of this patent, we truly believe that Maxta’s unique software approach is an even larger differentiator,” said Yoram Novick, Maxta Founder and CEO. “Our software approach has long been about providing choice, whether that is choice of leveraging existing servers or pre-configured systems, choice of hardware for new servers, or even choice of abstraction layer be it proprietary virtualization, open virtualization or containerization. We will continue to lead this innovative hyperconverged solutions market as it transitions from appliance-based to software-based and embrace open virtualization and containers”

About Maxta

Maxta is the only hyperconvergence provider that gives IT the freedom to choose both servers and abstraction layers including hypervisors and containers. Maxta’s unique software approach to hyperconvergence enables IT to scale storage independent of compute, run mixed workloads on the same cluster, and eliminate the hyperconverged appliance refresh tax as there is no need to repurchase the HCI software license when refreshing server hardware. Maxta is available as software only or as preconfigured solution on most brands of server hardware. For more information, visit us at or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.