Check Out These Hot Products Using New Skylake Purley Intel Xeon Scalable Processor

Maxta Supports Hyper-Converged Infrastructure On The New Processors Santa Clara, Calif.-based hyper-converged infrastructure software developer Maxta unveiled support for any server designed for Intel Xeon Scalable processors as a way to bring the performance of the new processors to HCI to customers... Read More »

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Server vendors board the Xeon SP party bus

Hyperconverged infrastructure appliance software supplier Maxta says it has immediate support for any server designed for Xeon SP CPUs. Benchmark testing of a Maxta HCI cluster configured with Xeon Platinum 8168 processors and Intel data centre SSDs with NVMe delivered a storage... Read More »


Seven hyper-converged software options for DIY HCI

If your company already has hardware that you want to turn into a hyper-converged infrastructure stack, you can do it with one of these software-only options. The term hyper-converged is usually associated with hardware appliances; generally, it’s software that’s delivered with hardware.... Read More »


Maxta launches in UK to take on Nutanix and VMware with ‘unique’ channel model

Hyperconverged vendor Maxta has launched in the UK with a business model it claims to be “hyperconverged 2.0”. Founded in California in 2009, Maxta is up against Nutanix and VMware in the hyperconverged space, but claims to have a unique business model... Read More »


The Next Step in Hyperconvergence with Maxta

Hyperconverged infrastructure has changed the way a lot of organizations view virtualization. It brings a certain kind of simplicity to how it can be managed, provisioned, and deployed. Yet, this often only applied to organization at scale. The initial wave of hyperconverged... Read More »


Software-defined storage: The pros and cons, and what is available

Software-defined storage is a rapidly rising trend in the datacentre, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of building your own storage, and is it suitable for all organisations? Software-defined storage, in which storage array features are delivered by software products, is... Read More »

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Maxta hyper-converged appliances offer configuration flexibility

With partnerships and integrations with the likes of Dell, Quanta and others, Maxta offers customers the flexibility to configure hyper-converged appliances to fit their needs. Maxta Inc. provides a virtual machine-centric implementation of hyper-converged computing that runs on standard x86 servers and... Read More »


Maxta rolls out limited free version of its hyperconverged storage software

Maxta Inc. is offering up a free but limited version of its hyperconverged, software-defined storage software. The company, which specializes in software-based hyperconvergence for enterprise storage systems, said a free download of its MxSP software is now available for “qualifying organizations” in... Read More »

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Maxta makes MxSP HCI software version perpetually free

Software-only hyper-converged startup Maxta today formally unveiled a free perpetual license option for its MxSP software, following a registration drive launched during VMworld 2016. MxSP is hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) software designed to run on commonly used server hardware.  Maxta said customers can... Read More »


Maxta Releases Free Hyperconvergence Storage Software

MxSP software helps IT teams of any size transform their complex and costly virtualized infrastructure into an agile, efficient architecture. eWEEK is willing to bet that you have never been offered free hyperconverged, software-defined storage software before Sept. 30, 2016. Maxta, which... Read More »

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Free Maxta MxSP Software License

This licensing model, an industry first in the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) segment, offers a simpler, more economical approach for enterprises to evaluate, test and quickly deploy HCI in their IT environments. Qualified organizations in the U.S., Canada and select European countries may... Read More »


Overcoming the Hyperconvergence Planning Problem

Maxta Briefing Note   Hyperconvergence is a compelling solution to organizations trying to simplify their virtual infrastructures in an effort to be more “cloud-like”. The technology consolidates storage software into the hypervisor of a virtual infrastructure, eliminating the need for a separate... Read More »


Interview: Maxta’s New Freemium Hyperconvergence Solution

At VMworld 2016, David Davis interviewed Maxta’s new Vice President of Marketing,Mitch Seigle, about Maxta’s new Freemium Hyperconvergence solution. Hyperconvergence is a hot topic because of the tremendous efficiencies that it brings however every HCI solution is different. Many HCI solutions require that... Read More »

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Herb Schneider, Mitch Seigle, Kiran Sreenivasamurthy VP, Maxta

Maxta Inc., provider of software-based hyperconvergence, announced the addition of two storage industry executives and has promoted a company veteran to expand and strengthen its team. The company also announced it has moved to new, larger quarters in Santa Clara, CA. Joining... Read More »

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Maxta goes Freemium and enlarges VP count with new hires

Full-featured software comes with no support, and node count and capacity restrictions Determined to stand clear of the noise in the hyper-converged market and forge itself a distinctive identity, Maxta has announced a freemium business model for its MxSP hyper-converged software. It... Read More »

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Six Buchanan County Schools Deploy Maxta

Maxta, Inc., a provider of hyper-convergence and software-defined storage (SDS) solutions, announced that six schools in Buchanan County, IA have implemented its hyperconverged solution to store and protect its data.   Chris Bresson, the technical coordinator for these schools, maintains the complete... Read More »

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Maxta Introduces Application-Defined Storage and Hyper-Convergence

Streamlining and simplifying IT for virtualized data centers Maxta, Inc. announced that it has further maximized the promise of hyper-convergence by providing application optimization with the release of the Maxta Storage Platform (MxSP) andMaxDeploy appliances. Read More »


Maxta storage gets application-defined storage tuning

Maxta hyper-convergence customers can apply MxSP ‘application-defined’ templates, or customize their own policy settings for rebuild times, data recovery and reduction.   Maxta kicked off 2016 with an update to its MxSP software hyper-converged platform, adding policy templates that allow customers to... Read More »

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Prosoco in USA Has Chosen Maxta Hyper-Converged Solution

Maxta, Inc., a provider of hyper-converged solutions, announced that PROSOCO, Inc.  has chosen Maxta’s hyper-convergence solution to reduce downtime and constant challenges that stopped many of its business operations. PROSOCO, founded in 1939, is a national manufacturer of products for cleaning, protecting... Read More »


Hyper-Convergence Market Overview and Definition

Experts have noted that the storage space has not seen much innovation in the past decade.  As many enterprise data center technologies have gone through major architecture “re-dos,” the storage industry has remained virtually unchanged with the exception of some flash caching... Read More »

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Andrew Perry SVP Sales, Maxta

Maxta, Inc. has named Andrew Perry its new SVP sales, responsible for driving sales and revenue during the company’s current growth phase.   He reports to Maxta CEO Yoram Novick. Perry has more than 20 years leadership experience at large-scale global companies,... Read More »


Maxta Choose Customer Choice For Hyper-Converged

Hyper-converged purveyor Maxta have been listening carefully to what their customers of the past two years have been saying, and they want choice. A major appeal of hyper-converged offerings is simplicity: simple to buy, simple to use, at least when compared with... Read More »


Motorola Mobility Chooses Maxta for Business Critical Applications

Maxta Enables High Availability, Flexibility and Ease of Use for Motorola Mobility Infrastructure    SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Maxta®, a leading provider of hyper-converged solutions today announced that Motorola Mobility has chosen Maxta hyperconvergence solution to reduce IT management and... Read More »


Motorola Mobility Chooses Maxta to Manage Business Critical Applications

Like every other company, Motorola Mobility has a business to run – and it needs to do so in an efficient, cost-effective manner. By choosing a new hyper-convergence solution, Motorola is reducing IT management and costs across its business critical applications. Motorola (www.motorola.com),... Read More »


Motorola Mobility Chooses Maxta for Business Critical Applications

Maxta Enables High Availability, Flexibility and Ease of Use for Motorola Mobility Infrastructure   SEPTEMBER 09, 2015 — SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ –Maxta, a leading provider of hyper-converged solutions today announced that Motorola Mobility has chosen Maxta hyperconvergence solution to... Read More »

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Maxta Expands its MaxDeploy Program

Maxta has announced an expansion of its MaxDeploy Program, which allows customers to easily order and deploy hyper-converged solutions that run on servers powered by Intel processors. This new expansion will include new MaxDeploy appliances based on Dell and Lenovo server platforms.... Read More »


Maxta MxSP hyper-converged storage gets beefed-up OS

Maxta’s user interface enables granular storage management with vSphere, KVM and OpenStack and supports block storage with OpenStack Kilo. Maxta this week upgraded its MxSP hyper-convergence software with features for improved storage management for individual virtual machines. The software vendor added two... Read More »


Maxta closes storage management gap

Maxta said it has announced MxInsight and MxCloudConnect, simplifying hyper-converged IT management across virtualization technologies. MxInsight includes historical reporting, enhanced policy management, and comprehensive storage quality of service (QoS) management for all Maxta MxSP and MaxDeploy solutions. MxCloudConnect, a remote call home... Read More »

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Maxta Updates Hyper-Converged Platform

Looking to make it simpler to manage hyper-converged systems Maxta today unveiled MxInsight, a set of tools that provides access to historical reporting, enhanced policy management, and quality of service (QoS) management for storage devices embedded inside the platform. In addition, Maxta... Read More »

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Maxta polishes OpenStack credentials with Kilo support

Maxta is polishing up its OpenStack credentials by adding Kilo support, service quality policies, and call-home diagnostics to its hyperconverged software-led systems. Hyperconverged systems refer to integrated, typically virtualised, servers and storage, and some networking, that are bought and operated as single... Read More »

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Maxta Announces New Hyper-Converged Management

Today Maxta announced its aim to simplify hyper-converged management across virtualization technologies with MxInsight and MxCloudConnect. These new offerings combined with Maxta’s enterprise-class data services, will, as Maxta claims, “close the storage management gap eliminating the need for complex and costly storage... Read More »

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Maxta upgrades hyperconverged software with new UI, enhanced reporting

Maxta also announced MxCloudConnect, a cloud based call-home capability, as well as support for OpenStack Kilo out of the gate. Hyperconverged solutions vendor Maxta has upgraded its software with MxInsight, which adds a next-generation UI, historical reporting, enhanced policy management, and comprehensive... Read More »


Who’s ‘Cool’ In Storage Now?

By: Alex Woodie    Storage hardware may not get the glory in our software-dominated world, but it’s a critical element of a big data environment nonetheless. So when Gartner trotted out its “Cool Vendors” in storage last month, Datanami had to take... Read More »

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Maxta Named A 2015 Cool Vendor In Storage Technologies By Gartner

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —  Maxta ®, a leading provider of hyper-converged solutions, has been named a “Cool Vendor” in Gartner’s April “Cool Vendors in Storage, 2015.” The report points out, “Emerging storage vendors offer data center managers and storage administrators new antidotes for... Read More »

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Maxta Announces New Solutions Allowing Hyper-Convergence On Cumulus

3-25-15 by Adam Armstrong Today Maxta announced new solutions today that will allow entire data centers to be built exclusively using industry-standard hardware. This will create simple, cost-effective, and powerful solutions giving customers greater platform choice. The new solutions enable hyper-convergence for environments... Read More »

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Is hyper-convergence a good thing? Ask a mini computer veteran

Hyper-converged systems integrate compute, storage and networking into a single purchasable entity that is easier to deploy, operate and manage than traditional best-of-breed component systems. They are a step up from converged systems that integrated just storage and compute. That’s the simple... Read More »

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10 Hyperconvergence Trendsetters: Information Week – Network Computing

Converged infrastructure is so last year; hyperconvergence is all the rage now. Here are 10 vendors that are leading the hyperconverged trend.  Read More »


Top 16 Innovations for 2015 Celebrated by the Business Intelligence Group

by Biggie in Judges, Press Release, Vote, Winners   PHILADELPHIA, PA—January 22, 2015. Judges have deliberated and made their picks for the 2015 BIG Innovation Awards. These innovations are making major impacts in today’s world. The winning organizations have led the way... Read More »

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New Maxta reference architectures let partners offer custom turnkey solutions

by Mark Cox • January 21, 2015 Maxta has also enhanced its partner program to recognize the new offerings’ ability to better build a practice around Maxta   Sunnyvale CA-based Maxta has been selling its MxSP VM-centric software storage platform, which converts standardservers into... Read More »

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Top 10 virtualization startups you’ll hear about in 2015

MxSP software by Maxta Inc. takes a vendor-agnostic approach to software-defined storage that can be used to replace a traditional SAN by pooling storage on standard x86 servers. As heterogeneous data centers become more common, having the ability to deploy a software-only... Read More »

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Maxta’s MaxDeploy Changes the Hyperconvergence Game

Scott D. Lowe, vExpert, MVP Hyper-V, MCSE, Site Editor On January 21, 2015 I try to stay current when it comes to virtualization and storage topics and have a particular interest these days in hyperconverged infrastructure. I am a believer in the... Read More »

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Best Software-defined Infrastructure: Honorable Mention

Source Tech Target; Jan 12, 2015  Maxta’s MxSP v2.0 was highly praised by Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards voters for its innovative approach to software-defined storage. Maxta’s software-only option replaces a traditional storage area network by pooling storage on standard x86 servers. Read More »


2015 IT Data Center Infrastructure Convergence Predictions

Major IT system vendors Cisco, EMC/ VCE, HP, Dell, and IBM will broaden their infrastructure portfolio to include hyper-converged solutions.   By Mark Bowker Follow Network World | Jan 12, 2015 6:56 AM PT   Look ahead 2015 Data center IT infrastructure... Read More »


Maxta 2015 Predictions – OpenStack will Solidify Hyper-convergence

OpenStack will Solidify Hyper-convergence Integrated Systems continued to gain traction and mindshare during 2014. Integrated Systems address the complexity and cost issues associated with building clouds and data centers to serve the needs of current applications. The Integrated Systems market is dominated... Read More »

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Maxta Enables Hyper-Convergence for OpenStack

DECEMBER 19TH, 2014 by Adam Armstrong Maxta has announced solutions that enable hyper-convergence for OpenStack, allowing service providers and enterprise customers to build private and public clouds based on OpenStack orchestration software and their choice of x86 server platforms, eliminating the need... Read More »

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Purpose-built storage for virtual machines

by: Phil Goodwin   Vendors are offering storage systems specifically engineered for virtual machines with an approach that’s fundamentally different from SAN or NAS.   With apologies to John Lennon and his great song, Imagine, here’s a 21st century twist on the... Read More »


Maxta Maximizes Hyper-Converged Infrastructure On Cisco UCS Metro Clusters

byJoseph F. Kovar on November 26, 2014, 2:48 pm EST Maxta this month said it became the first to have its hyper-converged infrastructure software solution certified to run on Cisco UCS C-Series servers and support metro cluster environments. Read More »

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Maxta Provides First Hyper-Converged Solution Certified For Cisco UCS

​Maxta announced that its hyper-converged solution is the first to be certified by Cisco and will be running on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) C-Series Rack-Mount systems. The solution will also support clusters spanning metro distances. Read More »


Software-Defined Storage Market Poised for Growth

By Nathan Eddy High-level skill sets needed to manage complex storage, followed closely by the complexity itself, were noted as top challenges to businesses. There is strong interest in deploying software-defined storage (SDS) solutions, according to a 451 Research report sponsored by... Read More »

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All-singing-all-dancing hyperconverged Maxta gets Cisco’s blessing

Follows Simplivity, but with added metro cluster support By Chris Mellor, 19 Nov 2014 Maxta has announced the launch of its MxSP, the first Cisco-certified hyper-converged system to run on UCS C-Series servers and support metro-distance clusters. Read More »

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96% of US Institutions Are Likely to Adopt Software-Defined Storage – Maxta/Intel/451 Research

And 82% hyper-converged infrastructure This is a Press Release edited by StorageNewsletter.com on 2014.11.20 Maxta, Inc. in hyper-convergence and software-defined storage, released results of an independent study conducted by 451 Research LLC of IT purchasers in midmarket companies. Read More »

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SDS, Hyper-C Gain Traction in Datacenter, Survey Finds

Software-defined storage along with hyper-converged infrastructure may be catching on at the high end of the enterprise market largely because it promises to make life a little easier for those who manage storage infrastructure. Read More »

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Impact Awards: Vote for “Maxta” the best software-defined infrastructure

Vote for the best software-defined infrastructure product in the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards.  Read More »

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Can you compare software-defined storage architecture to hyper-converged systems?

Hyper-converged systems and software-defined storage provide similar storage management features, but the technologies are architected very differently. Read More »

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Moneymen dash to hand cash to storage upstarts

In pursuit of high-growth investment By Chris Mellor, 6 Oct 2014     Comment There has been a sudden rush of venture capital cash to storage startups as mainstream vendors respond to the upstarts’ products and squeeze their growth window. The backing... Read More »


Maxta: Hyper-Convergence Defined truebittv.truthinit.com

«Previous Image 1 of 3 »Next Image Hyper-convergence frequently Unasked Questions Podcast Interview with  David Littman, Director of Business Development, Truth in IT and Maxta Yoram Novick, CEO… Read More »

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A closer look at Maxta

Maxta are another storage vendor that I managed to get talking to at this years’ VMworld conference in San Francisco. Although they were present at last year’s VMworld, they only announced themselves in earnest last November (11/12/13) with the release of the... Read More »

Tech Target

Snapshot, replication change backup management and scheduling

Snapshot, replication among storage tools are fueling a shift in how enterprises protect data. Data protection vendors are adding features that allow users to roll data back to specific points rather than just restoring from backups.   Read More »

Intel IDF

Christine McMonigal – Intel Developer Forum 2014 – theCUBE

Read More »

Yoram IDF

Yoram Novick – Intel Developer Forum – theCUBE

Read More »

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Maxta goes gung-ho for Grantley, cuddles up to big daddy Intel

Flashy upstart just loves getting some Intel inside it By Chris Mellor, 15 Sep 2014   Hyper-converged software startup Maxta has repaid Intel’s faith and investment with updated software featuring Grantley support and an Intel-flavoured reference architecture – eat this and you will have... Read More »

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Death by 1,000 cuts: Mainstream storage array suppliers are bleeding Cloud, all-flash kit, object storage slicing away at titans of storage

Great beasts can be killed by a 1,000 cuts, bleeding to death from the myriad slashes in their bodies – none of which, on their own, is a killer. And this, it seems, is the way things are going for big-brand storage... Read More »


An in-depth breakdown of VM-aware storage

Stephen J. Bigelow Senior Technology Editor New technologies allow efficient VM-aware storage provisioning and management through the hypervisor. Virtualization has dramatically improved the efficient use of computing resources, often allowing processor cycles and memory to be provisioned or adjusted for any workload... Read More »


Storage Vendors to check out at #VMworld 2014 (SFO)

  Posted on  August 12, 2014  by  Cormac Hogan  —  7 Comments ↓   Last year I published a list of storage vendors and partners that I was planning to check out at VMworld 2013. This year is no different, with a number... Read More »

CRN Emerging Vendors 2014

Emerging Vendors 2014: Storage Vendors

Maxta Sunnyvale, Calif. Top Executive: Founder, CEO Yoram Novick The converged infrastructure technology developer entered the market in late 2013 with its Maxta Storage Platform, a software-only virtual storage technology that leverages a server’s own storage and — according to Maxta — eliminates... Read More »

The Register

Server SAN software upstart Maxta gets Intel’s cash inside

Chipzilla’s investment arm to ensure X86 lands on top of software defined heap By Chris Mellor, 8 May 2014 Analysis Server SAN software startup Maxta has gained $25m in a B-round of funding led by Intel’s investment arm and Tenaya Capital just as the software-defined and converged... Read More »


Maxta grabs $25 mln Series B funds

May 7, 2014 Maxta, a provider of storage solutions, said Wednesday that it has raised $25 million in Series B funding. Tenaya Capital and Intel Capital led the round with participation from previous backer Andreessen Horowitz. According to the firm, the capital... Read More »


Maxta receives $25 million in funding

Maxta is a storage solutions company that has raised $25 million in Series B funding from lead investors Tenaya Capital and Intel Capital. Previous investor Andreessen Horowitz also participated in this round. Maxta will be using the funding for marketing, sales, product... Read More »


Data storage software provider Maxta pulls in $25 million

May 7, 2014 1:27 PM Richard Byrne Reilly   Maxta, a Sunnyvale-based software enterprise storage provider, today announced a fresh $25 million in venture cash. The startup describes itself as a hypervisor-agnostic storage platform for virtual data centers. Maxta’s software turns existing standard servers... Read More »


Venture Capital Deals

Maxta has raised $25 million in Series B funding. Tenaya Capita and Intel Capital co-led the round, and were joined by return backer Andreessen Horowitz. Read Full Article Read More »

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Maxta Raises $25M, Teams with Intel for Software-Defined Storage

Posted on May 07, 2014 By Pedro Hernandez Maxta, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based storage software startup, today announced that the company has raised $25 million. The Series B round of funding was led by Intel Capital, the giant chipmaker’s venture capital arm, and... Read More »

SV Business Journal

Intel joins $25M bet Maxta can kill old-fashioned storage

Cromwell Schubarth Senior Technology Reporter- Silicon Valley Business Journal Email  |  Twitter  |  Google+ Maxta, the startup that lets servers multitask for storage in much the same way VMware lets them multitask computing jobs, raised $25 million in its second round of... Read More »


Intel Invests in Maxta to Get Software-Defined Storage on Intel Platform

VentureWire By: Deborah Gage May 07, 2014 (c) 2014 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.   Intel Capital co-led a $25 million investment in Maxta Inc., VentureWire has learned, as the chip giant continues to look for innovative companies that can tailor their... Read More »

Storage Newsletter

Maxta With $25 Million in Series B, Total at $35 Million

This is a Press Release edited by StorageNewsletter.com on 2014.05.07 Maxta,Inc. , developer of the VM-centric storage platform MxSP that turns standard servers into a converged compute and storage solution for virtualized environments, announced that it has closed a $25 million Series... Read More »


Intel Invests in Maxta to Get Software-Defined Storage on Intel Platform

The Wall Street Journal Blog Posting By: Deborah Gage May 7, 2014 Intel Capital co-led a $25 million investment in Maxta Inc., Venture Capital Dispatch has learned, as the chip giant continues to look for innovative companies that can tailor their software... Read More »

Storage Newsletter

Partner Program Introduced by Maxta

For solution and service providers This is a Press Release edited by StorageNewsletter.com on 2014.03.19  Maxta Inc. , developer of the VM-centric software storage platform MxSP that converts standard servers into a converged compute and storage solution thereby eliminating the need for... Read More »


Project Mystic’s Potential Competitors To VMware: Bring It On

By Joseph F. Kovar on March 13, 2014, 5:20 pm EDT Developers of hyper-converged infrastructure technology are not yet ready to respond directly to the potential threats posed by a hush-hush competing technology being developed by VMware and its parent company EMC, but for... Read More »


Executive Viewpoint 2014 Prediction: Maxta – Converged Infrastructures will Gain Steam and Evolve in 2014

Executive Viewpoint 2014 Prediction: Maxta – Converged Infrastructures will Gain Steam and Evolve in 2014 By Yoram Novick Server virtualization continued its relentless march in 2013, enhancing the compute paradigm. IT organizations virtualized more of their applications, and multiple hypervisors became robust... Read More »


Streamlining Virtualization and Storage at Remote Offices and Branch Offices

Streamlining Virtualization and Storage at Remote Offices and Branch Offices By Amar Rao The Challenge Many Remote Offices and Branch Offices (ROBOs) have deployed or are considering deployment of server virtualization to realize the benefits of improved cost, agility and availability. Trying... Read More »


Top virtual data storage market trends in 2013

Top virtual data storage market trends in 2013 Some of the hottest data storage trends of 2013 for virtual servers and desktops and storage virtualization reflected an acceleration of past-year themes such as software-defined storage, hyper-converged systems and virtual machine-aware storage. Flash-based... Read More »

Storage Newsletter

VSS Monitoring Implements Maxta Distributed VM Storage Platform

VSS Monitoring Implements Maxta Distributed VM Storage Platform Maxta, Inc. announced that VSS Monitoring, Inc., a Danaher company (Fortune 200 company) and in network packet brokers (NPB), has implemented its resilient, scalable distributed VM Storage platform (MxSP). MxSP improves the performance, automation and ease... Read More »


The 10 Coolest Storage Startups Of 2013

The 10 Coolest Storage Startups Of 2013 Converged infrastructure technology developer Maxta in November entered the market with software the company said eliminates the need for storage arrays in virtualized data centers. The company’s Maxta Storage Platform, or MxSP, is a software-only virtual storage... Read More »


Maxta Briefing Note

Storage Switzerland George Crump, Lead AnalystFriday, November 22, 2013   Over the past six years, server virtualization has greatly simplified the deployment of applications in the enterprise. Applications are no longer locked into a single server and can be migrated to other... Read More »


MarketWatch – Press Release

Thinking Outside the Storage Box: Maxta Debuts First Software-Only Enterprise Storage Solution for the Virtual Data Center Maxta eliminates the need for storage arrays PRNewswire Press Release by: Maxta Inc. November 12, 2013, 8:35 a.m. EST SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire... Read More »


REUTERS – Press Release

Thinking Outside the Storage Box: Maxta Debuts First Software-Only Enterprise Storage Solution for the Virtual Data Center Maxta eliminates the need for storage arrays PRNewswire Press Release by: Maxta Inc.   November 12, 2013 SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Maxta... Read More »

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance – Press Release

Thinking Outside the Storage Box: Maxta Debuts First Software-Only Enterprise Storage Solution for the Virtual Data Center Maxta eliminates the need for storage arrays   PRNewswire Press Release by: Maxta Inc.  November 12, 2013 8:35 AM   SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 12, 2013... Read More »

Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek – Press Release

Thinking Outside the Storage Box: Maxta Debuts First Software-Only Enterprise Storage Solution for the Virtual Data Center   PR Newswire Press Release by: Maxta Inc.   November 12, 2013 8:35 AM ET   SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Maxta today... Read More »

Storage Newsletter

StorageNewsletter – Press Release

Start-Up Maxta Debuts Software-Only Enterprise Storage Solution for Virtual Data Center Eliminates the need for arrays  This is a Press Release edited by StorageNewsletter.com November 18, 2013 Based in Sunnyvale, CA, Maxta, Inc. unveiled a virtualization-centric storage platform that eliminates the need... Read More »

Sdn central

SDNCentral SDN and NFV Weekly Roundup – November 15, 2013

SDNCentral  By: Craig Matsumoto Posted: November 15, 2013   Here’s our weekly gathering of news bits from the software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) community. It’s got quite a storage bent this time, but … first things first …  ... Read More »

Yellow Bricks

Startup News Flash part 9

Yellow Bricks November 18, 2013 By: Duncan Epping Leave a Comment   There we are, part 9 of the Startup News Flash. As mentioned last time, last week was “Storage Field Day” so typically a bit more news then normally this time of... Read More »


VMblog – Press Release

Thinking Outside the Storage Box: Maxta Debuts First Software-Only Enterprise Storage Solution for the Virtual Data Center  Press Release by: Maxta Inc. Published by: David Marshall Wednesday, November 13, 2013 6:52 AM Maxta today unveiled a breakthrough virtualization-centric storage platform that eliminates the need... Read More »


Maxta Debuts New Virtualization-Centric Storage Platform

infoTECH SPOTLIGHT November 15, 2013 By Nathesh TMCnet Contributor A new virtualization-centric storage platform from Maxta removes the need for companies to employ external storage arrays and can help users realize significant IT cost savings. The Maxta Storage Platform (MxSP) is equipped... Read More »


Maxta out of Stealth Mode

theITHollow Categories:  Virtualization  by Eric Shanks I recently had the opportunity to check out a new product called Maxta.  If you’re not familiar with the company yet, that’s ok as it’s just now hitting the market with some vigor. The Generally Available (GA)... Read More »


Storage Search

Maxta joins the elite set of enterprise contenders who are vying to own the next generation SSD-centric platform Editor:- November 13, 2013 – This week Maxta completed its staged emergence from stealth mode and launched its first product – the Maxta Storage... Read More »


Client Server News

Headlines – Issue No. 1006 (November 18-22, 2013) November 14, 2013 Pivotal Claims To Deliver a ‘New Platform for a New Era’ AWS Joins the VDI Mob EMC Finally Goes All-Flash NetApp Sues Nimble Storage Maxta Spells Death to Storage Arrays &... Read More »


Interview with Yoram Novick, CEO of Maxta

CEO Series As a part of a larger series, I am interviewing CEOs that lead companies in the field of Storage, Virtualization and Networking. What developments in the market did they see that inspired them to build their company? How will the market... Read More »

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Storage Startups to Watch in 2014

What’s going on in data storage? Posted on November 15, 2013 By Drew Robb What’s going on in data storage? All of a sudden we have a whole new batch of hot startups threatening to disrupt the space. Things haven’t been this active... Read More »


Newcomer Maxta Exits Stealth to Converge Compute, Storage

eWEEK  By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2013-11-13   Storage newcomer Maxta came out of stealth mode Nov. 12 with a new software-defined platform that mashes virtualized and physical storage into one single-pool view. That in itself isn’t necessarily news, because virtualization by definition provides single... Read More »


Maxta Creates Virtual Pools for Storage on the Server

ITBusinessEdge   Mike Vizard  |   IT UNMASKED    |  13 NOV, 2013 In an era where it’s become increasingly practical to make use of storage resources that are tightly coupled to virtual machines running on servers, Maxta wants to finally force the issue.... Read More »


Venture capital deals

Maxta, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based developer of a virtualization-centric storage platform, has raised $10 million in VC funding from Andreessen Horowitz. Read More »


Maxta Breaks The Code For Integrating Storage And Compute

IT-TNA November 12, 2013 By Steve Wexler It seems everybody wants to come to the software-defined storage (SDS or SDDS – software defined data storage) party, from established vendors like EMC (ViPR) and IBM (Storwize), to start-ups like Primary Data, Coho Data and the latest stealth entrant, Maxta. While... Read More »


Maxta Exits Stealth With Software Solution Tying Virtualized Environments To Clustered Storage

CRN By Joseph F. Kovar November 12, 2013    7:23 PM ET   Converged infrastructure technology developer Maxta on Tuesday came out of stealth mode with the unveiling of software the company said eliminates the need for storage arrays in virtualized data centers.... Read More »

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Maxta Exits Stealth with MxSP Storage Software

INFOSTOR Posted on November 12, 2013 By Pedro Hernandez Maxta today shed its stealthy trappings to officially announce an enterprise software storage product that gives servers that are tasked with handling virtual workloads a high performance alternative traditional storage area networks (SANs). The... Read More »


Maxta comes out with software-only, hyper-converged storage

TechTarget Dave RaffoPublished: 12 Nov 2013 Maxta Inc. came out of stealth today with software that replaces a traditional SAN by aggregating storage and compute on standard servers into a resource pool available to virtual machines. Maxta CEO Yoram Novick said the Maxta Storage... Read More »


Slidecast: Maxta VM-centric Storage

insideBIGDATA In this slidecast, Yoram Novick from Maxta describes the company’s new software-defined, VM-centric Storage solutions. The complexities and high costs of traditional enterprise storage are magnified in the virtual data center,” said Yoram Novick, Founder and CEO of Maxta. “After being told repeatedly... Read More »


Andreessen Horowitz Backs Maxta, Whose Software is Eating the Storage Box

Maxta Emerges With $10M from Andreessen Horowitz for Software-Defined Storage The Wall Street Journal Deborah Gage November 12, 2013 (c) 2013 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Marc Andreessen has been saying for years thatsoftware is eating the world , a result... Read More »


Maxta presents software defined storage for vSphere challenging traditional SAN/NAS. Software eats storage!

UP2V November 12, 2013 By: Marcel Van Den Berg 3 COMMENTS Software defined storage (SDS) is hot. Today Maxta came out of stealth mode and presented the world their software defined storage solution for VMware vSphere which looks like a perfect mix of VMware Virtual SAN... Read More »


Maxta Debuts Software-Defined Storage for Virtualization

Wahl Network Posted by: Chris Wahl  November 12, 2013  in Reviews | 1 Response   The world of “software-defined storage” officially gains another player today as Maxta formally launches their company along side the flagship Maxta Storage Platform (MxSP), already Generally Available (GA). Maxta was at... Read More »

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Maxta chucks vSAN out of stealth and into El Reg review suite

MxSP promises to be as simple as you are The RegisterBy: Trevor Pott, November 12, 2013 I’ve thrown dozens of workloads at the MxSP cluster for the better part of a day. Installed the software, uninstalled the software and installed again. (All... Read More »

The Register

Revealed: Stealthy hybrid upstart Maxta’s vSAN domination plan

Firm promises the storage moon on a stick The RegisterBy: Chris Mellor, October 23, 2013 Stealthy – well, sort-of stealthy – storage upstart Maxta aims to converge compute and storage in a virtual server world by harnessing commodity servers’ direct-attached storage to... Read More »


Software Eats Storage

Andreessen Horowitz November 12, 2013 By: Peter Levine One of the holy grails in the storage market has been to deliver a piece of software that could eliminate the need for an external storage array. The software would provide all the capabilities... Read More »


iStockAnalyst – Press Release

Thinking Outside the Storage Box: Maxta Debuts First Software-Only Enterprise Storage Solution for the Virtual Data Center  Maxta eliminates the need for storage arrays PRNewswire Press Release by: Maxta Inc.Tuesday, November 12, 2013 8:35 AM SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Maxta today... Read More »

Hawii News Now

Hawaii News Now – Press Release

Thinking Outside the Storage Box: Maxta Debuts First Software-Only Enterprise Storage Solution for the Virtual Data Center Maxta eliminates the need for storage arrays PRNewswire Press Release by: Maxta Inc. November 12, 2013 SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Maxta today unveiled a... Read More »

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