It seems Nutanix specializes in all kinds of “lock-in” and we at Maxta think that is just not right for the customer.  When you buy Nutanix, it appears you will need to have a crystal ball to know what your future requirements will be down to the specific increments you will add each time you expand. This is a great system for Nutanix, forcing the customer into buying identical units at every expansion, whether you need that exact capacity or performance or not.  And what do you think will happen to that great discount you got on your first deal?   Surely Nutanix learned tricks from EMC and NetApp: get the customer locked into your technology with an initial discount on the first deal and then make up that money on the follow on sales when they can’t get away. With Nutanix they have you double locked because you have to buy from them and you have to buy the exact same box each time your needs grow.

Not at Maxta. If you need more compute, just go to your favorite server vendor and add compute. If your storage capacity requirements stay the same, great, that doesn’t cost you a single penny more with Maxta.

Maybe you don’t need any more servers but you just need some additional storage capacity – easy – just add some additional SSDs or disks to your existing servers, or swap out 1TB for 2 TB drives, or maybe you just want to add a JBOD to make it simple.  Super. Do what you need.  And again, you can shop around, find the best hardware deal you can, and with Maxta it will be just a modest increase in fees for the additional capacity.

Lock-in is an insidious strategy, practiced by vendors who are trying to eliminate competition and one might even say Un-AmericanJ Maxta is committed to maximum flexibility that gives our customers many options and eliminates “LOCK-IN.”