Maxta maximizes the promise of hyper-convergence to make the deployment of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) a cost, performance, and efficiency reality

Early VDI implementations have been challenged by poor user experience, siloed operations, boot storms, inefficient data protection of critical applications, and high costs of infrastructure. Maxta hyper-convergence is now changing the game by dramatically simplifying operations, reducing infrastructure costs, and by leveraging new flash technology, in addition to disk drives, to deliver performance and maximize storage capacity.

Maxta leverages flash for both read and write-back caching, delivering the performance required during intensive system demands like boot storms or login storms.

Maxta maximizes the cost-efficiency of VDI deployments. By being able to converge compute and storage on standard x86 servers, Maxta software-defined storage eliminates the need for storage arrays and storage management. Additionally, capacity optimization through thin provisioning, inline compression, and inline deduplication maximizes capacity to further reduce the cost per desktop.

Data management and protection is simplified with an unlimited number of capacity, time, and performance-efficient snapshots and zero-copy clones, providing the ability to create thousands of virtual desktops. These snapshots and clones are VM-centric and eliminate the need to manage storage constructs like LUNs or volumes.

Maxta storage is an ideal storage solution to maximize your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Maxta software-defined storage delivers the performance and enterprise-class capabilities without sacrificing the end-user experience.

The budget was very limited and another solution was not available so we began a search for software-defined storage offerings. Maxta looked interesting. The features Maxta offered fit perfectly compared to other software-based storage. Its storage redundancy over multiple nodes was a very compelling feature. And unlike complex disk solutions, Maxta was easy to use. There’s no need for expensive storage courses; Maxta can be learned within an hour! – – EDWIN GRIESHEIMER, IT ADVISOR, THE CITY GOVERNMENT OF VENRAY

Other Use Cases

Explore how Maxta software-defined storage provides flexibility, savings, and increased levels of efficiency for virtualized environments.