Maxta maximizes the promise of hyper-convergence for service providers

Gain simplicity without losing flexibility, introducing Maxta Software-Centric Hyper-converged solution for Service Providers

Service Providers maximize their cloud offerings with Maxta software-defined solutions designed to scale up and scale out on commodity-based servers and storage hardware. Maxta provides substantial CAPEX and OPEX savings, along with the flexibility to easily deploy and redeploy resources based on its software foundation.

Enterprise Cloud Service use cases include:

  • Outsourcing and hosting in the cloud
  • Managed security
  • Disaster recovery and tiered storage for Exchange, SQL and other popular applications
  • Flexible environments for test and development


Take Advantage of Hardware Choices

  • Eliminate appliance fees
  • Utilize preferred server vendors
  • Ability to repurpose existing servers into hyper-converged solutions







Scale Without Overprovisioning

  • Precise resource allocation
  • Avoid costs associated with overprovisioned hardware
  • Scale CPU, mem, capacity independently







Onboard New Customers Faster

  • Add unlimited number of nodes to existing clusters
  • Eliminate storage and networking configuration
  • Install Maxta software in minutes







Flexible Licensing

  • Perpetual model
  • Subscription model