Maxta VM-centric solutions simplify IT management and reduce cost, all while delivering enterprise-class data services and capacity optimization.

Thought Leadership

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MaxDeploy and Technology Partners

Maxta’s success in the enterprise storage market is possible because of strong partnerships and technical integration. Maxta maximizes the promise of hyperconvergence with MaxDeploy appliances and MxSP software that are delivered by a robust ecosystem of partners.

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MaxDeploy Appliance CONFIGURATION tool

server config1

Server configuration is one of the key components of a MaxDeploy configuration. The configuration tool is designed to provide recommendations for server configurations based on use case, server vendor, and capacity requirements.

The MaxDeploy configuration tool will provide guidance for selecting and configuring

  • Servers
  • Virtualization Software: VMware vSphere 5.x and KVM
  • Network Switches: 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE

CONFIGURE THE MaxDeploy appliance 

Use Cases

Explore how Maxta hyperconverged solutions provide flexibility, savings, and increased levels of efficiency for virtualized environments.

Solutions for Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Service Providers maximize their cloud offerings with Maxta software-defined solutions designed to scale up and scale out on commodity-based servers and storage hardware. Maxta provides substantial CAPEX and OPEX savings along with the flexibility to easily deploy and redeploy resources based on its software foundation.

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