MxSP software delivers scalability, flexibility and resiliency without added cost or complexity

Santa Clara, Calif. – May 9, 2017 – Maxta Inc., a leading provider of software-centric hyperconvergence, today announced that technical support services provider Trusource Labs LLC has selected Maxta® MxSP® software to deliver the scalability, flexibility and cost-of-ownership benefits required to keep pace with its rapidly expanding business.

Named by the Austin Business Journal in 2016 as the fastest-growing large company in Central Texas, Trusource Labs specializes in support services for the Internet of Things and provides help desk services to companies using Apple products. With a compound annual growth rate of 226 percent during its first three years of operation, the company quickly outgrew its initial IT infrastructure, requiring the IT team to find a solution to efficiently scale the infrastructure without adding excess cost or complexity.

“SAN solutions start at $50,000 to $60,000, and if you run out of space, you have to upgrade all the drives or buy another,” said Larry Chapman, IT Manager for Trusource Labs. “And you need a storage engineer to manage all the LUNs. You also have to have the personnel and a pretty big hardware investment. That’s not really scalable.”

Concerned with the additional maintenance, operational expenses and complexity of SAN solutions, Chapman looked at hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) appliances as a potential solution. However, he found the appliances all required specific hardware or would lock him into using a proprietary platform, which didn’t provide the needed flexibility.

Working with a local VAR, Chapman was introduced to Maxta and its hardware-independent MxSP® hyperconvergence software. After quickly recognizing the many benefits of the Maxta approach, it was a “very, very easy decision” to choose MxSP software as the right solution for the company.

“We run a pretty tight ship in our engineering department,” added Chapman. “I don’t want to have onsite engineers at every location. We can remotely manage all this stuff. Because Maxta is so maintenance-free, I don’t have to double or triple or quadruple my staff. If you calculate that cost over years and years, I’m saving a ton of money.”

Maxta MxSP software helps organizations of any size transform complex and costly virtualized infrastructure into a more agile, efficient configuration by converging traditionally separate compute and storage tiers to create a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). The result is dramatically simpler management and significant cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive and complicated storage area networks and storage arrays.

Maxta software-centric HCI solutions offer unparalleled freedom of choice in servers, storage and virtualization platforms, eliminating expensive vendor lock-in and creating much greater flexibility than proprietary HCI appliances. MxSP-enabled clusters support any standard x86-based server configuration. Clusters may be scaled up or scaled out in increments as small as a single storage device or server at a time. Compute-only nodes may also be added to scale computing power independently of storage capacity, eliminating the typical over-provisioning of resources when scaling proprietary appliances.

“Most businesses always seek rapid growth. However, this kind of growth can have a downside when IT infrastructure cannot easily or cost-effectively scale to accommodate it,” said Yoram Novick, founder and chief executive, Maxta Inc. “Trusource Labs quickly realized that their existing infrastructure was not going to provide the needed scalability, flexibility and reliability to sustain high growth. We’re pleased they discovered that Maxta hyperconvergence could meet their current and future needs without increasing operating costs or adding complexity.”

About Maxta

Maxta is redefining enterprise IT infrastructure through a groundbreaking approach to hyperconvergence that dramatically simplifies operation while delivering much greater agility and cost savings. Our award-winning MxSP software and MaxDeploy appliances offer unparalleled freedom of choice in servers, storage devices and server virtualization platforms, while eliminating the need for complex and costly storage arrays. For more information, visit us at or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.