Rapidly increasing demand for Mingus cloud-based SaaS offerings drives need for scalable, hardware-independent hyperconverged infrastructure solution

Santa Clara, Calif. – November 29, 2016 – Maxta Inc., a leading provider of software-centric hyperconvergence, today announced that Mingus Software Inc. has deployed a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution powered by Maxta® MxSP® software to support the growth of its increasingly popular cloud-based SaaS offerings for the hotel industry.

Based in Montréal, Canada, Mingus Software is committed to developing high-end software and implementing efficient solutions for hotels around the world. The company is recognized by customers for its exceptional support and proactive approach in developing solutions that enable hoteliers to overcome the challenges of profitability, performance and customer relations with simplicity. The Mingus portfolio of products includes its flagship hotel management solution Hotello, which was recently named as one of the three most popular OPERA PMS alternatives for hotels.

After first deploying its applications as part of a cloud-based SaaS system in 2014, Mingus saw sales double from its on premise-only offerings within the first year. The requests for SaaS versions of its software were increasing faster than expected and the company realized it needed to implement an infrastructure that could support such rapid growth.

Mingus looked at options from cloud service providers including Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure, as well as deploying a SAN, before deciding on a hyperconverged solution. The company chose Maxta MxSP software because it allowed them to avoid vendor lock-in, enabled the re-use of existing hardware and cost half as much as other solutions.

“We started to add another server and another server but at some point we said, ‘OK, we need to have some infrastructure that will be able to support the growth,’” said Rafik Berzi, Founder and President of Mingus Software. “We were looking for a solution, not a single supplier. Almost all of the hyperconvergence vendors asked us to use their hardware. I didn’t like being locked into one company like that. We went with Maxta because of their hardware independence. We can re-use some of the hardware that we had. And as we add more customers, we can just add more hardware without having to think about how it will work for us. We just add some computers and grow the system.”

Maxta MxSP software helps organizations of any size transform their complex and costly virtualized infrastructure into an agile, efficient architecture by converging traditionally separate compute and storage tiers. The result is dramatically simpler management and significant cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive and complicated storage area networks and storage arrays.

Maxta software-centric HCI solutions offer unparalleled freedom of choice in servers, storage and virtualization platforms, eliminating expensive vendor lock-in and creating much greater flexibility than proprietary HCI appliances. MxSP-enabled clusters can support any x86-based server including all-flash or hybrid storage configurations. Clusters may be scaled up or scaled out in increments as small as a single storage device or server at a time. Compute-only nodes may also be added to scale computing power independently of storage capacity.

“We are delighted that Mingus Software has chosen a Maxta hyperconvergence solution to help them satisfy the growing demand for its successful line of hotel management solutions,” said Yoram Novick, founder and chief executive, Maxta Inc. “Our software-centric approach to HCI offers service providers simplicity without losing flexibility. By scaling up and scaling out on commodity-based servers and storage hardware, we’re able to help them maximize the efficiency of cloud offerings while providing substantial CAPEX and OPEX savings.”

About Mingus Software

Mingus Software is a Montréal company committed to developing high-end software and implementing efficient solutions for hotels located around the world. Recognized for the quality of its services and the efficiency of its solutions, Mingus Software stands out not only for the exceptional and ongoing support it provides its customers but also for its proactive approach in developing solutions that address its customers’ greatest challenges. For more information, visit us at http://mingus-software.com/en/ or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About Maxta

Maxta is redefining enterprise IT infrastructure through a groundbreaking approach to hyperconvergence that dramatically simplifies operation while delivering much greater agility and cost savings. Our award-winning MxSP software and MaxDeploy appliances offer unparalleled freedom of choice in servers, storage devices and server virtualization platforms, while eliminating the need for complex and costly storage arrays. For more information, visit us at https://www.maxta.com/ or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.