Users worry about capacity and performance of existing storage systems

Santa Clara, Calif. – January 18, 2017 – Maxta Inc., a leading provider of software-centric hyperconvergence, today announced the results of a data center buying preferences survey it conducted with ActualTech Media covering such topics as data center complexity, storage challenges and plans, and hyperconverged infrastructures.

Among the survey’s key findings:

• Very large companies (57 percent) and small companies (41 percent) are far more likely to feel that their data centers are too complex than large or medium-sized companies.

• Primary storage capacity remains the top concern among respondents. 37 percent indicate they are having trouble maintaining adequate capacity to support business workloads.

• Almost half (46 percent) of the respondent base plan to undertake an infrastructure refresh project within the next 12 months.

• General purpose infrastructure refreshes are the top choice project for people considering hyperconverged infrastructure (36 percent) with data center consolidation also a top choice (14 percent.)

“Based on the survey responses, it’s clear that hyperconverged infrastructures provide an ideal operating environment to help organizations of all sizes minimize complexity and overcome the storage challenges they are faced with,” said Scott D. Lowe, CEO of ActualTech Media. “While there are a variety of solutions to choose from on the market today, a solution like Maxta that provides a quick, reliable and affordable means to solve their complexity and capacity challenges, without having to buy all new hardware, is an ideal choice.”

The survey, which was conducted during a recent online event focusing on hyperconverged infrastructure, received a total of 421 responses, though respondents were not required to answer all questions. Respondents were from a variety of industries including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, government and education and represent companies from small and medium businesses to very large enterprises.

“Despite the wide variety of industries and company sizes represented in the survey, the challenges of data center complexity, storage performance and maintaining adequate capacity are remarkably common among them,” said Mitch Seigle, vice president of marketing for Maxta. “As a result, hyperconvergence is now gaining significant interest for general infrastructure use in addition to specific applications or projects. At the same time, new deployment options such as the Maxta freemium license model are making it easier to adopt hyperconvergence and reap its significant benefits.”

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