Leading commercial security manufacturer fortifies data availability while increasing IT agility and staff productivity

Santa Clara, Calif. – March 28, 2017 – Maxta Inc., a leading provider of software-centric hyperconvergence, today announced that Designed Security, Inc. (DSI) has implemented MxSP® software to greatly simplify its IT infrastructure and eliminate the headaches associated with its existing virtualized server infrastructure.

For more than 30 years, DSI has developed custom and standard state-of the-art security and access control solutions for corporate, commercial, government and industrial markets. The 30-employee company based in Bastrop, Texas, takes pride in being an industry leader, providing comprehensive engineering and technical support of its products. DSI security products, from entry control turnstiles to door management, are installed in many high-profile buildings, as well as non-public facilities within the private and public sectors.

With only one IT administrator overseeing its operations, DSI needed a solution that could help it quickly overcome any problems with its virtualized environment without interrupting production systems. After finding many available solutions to be inappropriate for its needs or priced much too high for the small manufacturing firm to justify, the company chose to implement Maxta MxSP software on its existing three-node server cluster to improve data resiliency and availability while minimizing time spent managing the system.

“It’s everything that they promised,” said John Holland, systems analyst for DSI. “Having done this for as long as I have, I’m accustomed to looking for what wasn’t explained to me, ‘What’s the gotcha? What’s the Catch-22?’ But there haven’t been any. Maxta has really provided a better solution than I expected. I’m just thrilled with Maxta. I really am.”

Maxta MxSP software helps organizations of any size transform complex and costly virtualized infrastructure into a more agile, efficient configuration by converging traditionally separate compute and storage tiers to create a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). The result is dramatically simpler management and significant cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive and complicated storage area networks and storage arrays.

Maxta software-centric HCI solutions offer unparalleled freedom of choice in servers, storage and virtualization platforms, eliminating expensive vendor lock-in and creating much greater flexibility than proprietary HCI appliances. MxSP-enabled clusters support any standard x86-based server configuration. Clusters may be scaled up or scaled out in increments as small as a single storage device or server at a time. Compute-only nodes may also be added to scale computing power independently of storage capacity, eliminating the typical over-provisioning of resources when scaling proprietary appliances.

“Like DSI, many small enterprises simply don’t have the IT management or capital resources that larger enterprises do, but that shouldn’t preclude them from enjoying the advantages of hyperconvergence, which can benefit organizations of any size,” said Yoram Novick, founder and chief executive, Maxta Inc. “We’re pleased to have helped DSI greatly simplify the management of their IT while also improving its availability and agility, allowing them to focus more of their resources on other business priorities.”

About Maxta

Maxta is redefining enterprise IT infrastructure through a groundbreaking approach to hyperconvergence that dramatically simplifies operation while delivering much greater agility and cost savings. Our award-winning MxSP software and MaxDeploy appliances offer unparalleled freedom of choice in servers, storage devices and server virtualization platforms, while eliminating the need for complex and costly storage arrays. For more information, visit us at maxta.wpengine.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.