Maxta Hyperconvergence software gives IT the freedom to choose servers and hypervisors, scale storage independent of compute, and run mixed workloads on the same cluster. Unlike hyperconverged appliances, with Maxta there’s no vendor lock-in, no “refresh tax” and no “upgrade tax.”

Leading cloud computing provider Huayun Data Group has completed the acquisitions of all assets of Maxta,Inc. Huayun Data Group will continue to invest in the technology to deliver professional products and services to enterprise customers around the world.

About Huayun Data Group

Established in 2010, Huayun Data Group is committed to independent research and development as well as pioneering and innovation to build the cloud platform with unified management and consistent experience that supports full-stack solutions built on all CPUs. Huayun Data provides the information technology application innovation cloud computing solutions and services to users in multiple industries and fields, including the government, finance, transportation, healthcare, education, telecommunication, energy and power, manufacturing, etc. At present, Huayun Data operates across the whole country and in overseas markets, and has set more than 10 branches in the world, achieving a customer base of over 300,000.