During VMworld 2015 Maxta announced an expansion to its MaxDeploy program and today I’m happy to announce the launch of a very cool MaxDeploy™ Web Portal for partners who want to order Maxta software pre-loaded on Dell Servers.

We have created the MaxDeploy program that allows us to stay true to our promise of delivering “Software-Centric Hyper-convergence” eliminating the barriers typically associated with purchasing a “Hyper-converged appliance.” We are not in the business of selling flashy bezels. We all know that behind those bezels are your standard x86 servers.  

Solution Benefits

  • Converged compute and storage over a cluster of servers
  • Single point of contact
  • VM centric data services
  • Centralized management
  • Multiple hypervisor support
  • Enterprise storage features
  • Scale-up and scale-out

Configuration Details

  • 5 pre-validated configurations
  • Option for custom configuration
  • Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 v3 36-72 cores
  • SATA HDDs: 12TB-60TB per cluster
  • Flash optimized
  • Minimum nodes per cluster: 3
  • Maximum nodes per cluster: Unlimited
  • Network: Dual port 10G SFP+

So how does this actually work?

Any Maxta registered partner (if you are not a registered partner you can register quickly here) can request a quote for any of the five pre-configured Dell MaxDeploy appliances or request a quote for a customized appliance and place an order. The appliances come pre-installed with Maxta perpetual license. The key word here is “perpetual.” Just because it comes pre-installed, does not mean you’ll have to pay for software again when you get new hardware. Unlike our competitors, we do not retire the license with the box. The end user has the flexibility to transfer Maxta licenses, upgrade hardware to new generation servers on Day 0 of the server’s release, upgrade components after initial set up and upgrade software to higher capacity. For more information you can take a look at the Dell MaxDeploy Datasheet.

Easy to Order

  • Pre validated hardware
  • Pre-configured clusters
  • Single Point of Contact

Flexible Model

  • Non-disruptive Hardware refresh
  • Transferable Maxta software license

Unsurpassed Value

Maxta’s solution delivers unsurpassed value to its customers maximizing flexibility, simplifying IT without compromising enterprise-class features such as high availability, storage efficiency, data protection and the industries best data integrity. In addition to our flexible business model, Maxta is unique in the market providing the ability to expand capacity of your cluster by adding disks or replacing lower capacity disk with higher capacity disks. Unlike alternative hyper-converged solutions Maxta’s application optimization capabilities allows the user to deploy multiple application on the Maxta cluster and customize the policies to provide the best performance and management.

What about support?

Maxta partners provide Level 1 support for the MaxDeploy solution. Maxta works with the partners to resolve the issue providing customers with a single point of contact.

 And Prices?

Our price model was carefully designed to provide substantial cost savings to end users while leaving plenty of room for partners’ margins compared to our competitors.