Maxta maximizes the promise of hyperconvergence with a strong ecosystem for our partners and end-customers

Maxta’s approach to hyperconverged solutions provides enterprise and service provider customers with the greatest opportunity to modernize and simplify the management of their virtual data center. This is accomplished without compromise to choice in servers, hypervisors, or enterprise class data services.

Maxta’s success as a hyperconverged solution provider is possible because of strong partnerships and technical integration. Maxta’s MaxDeploy appliance delivers a new and flexible way of deploying hyperconverged solutions for the virtual data center by predefining and pre-validating solutions that combine Maxta’s software along with partner solutions and platforms. This removes interoperability and performance guesswork and simplifies the ordering process.

Maxta MxSP software-defined storage solutions provide customers the complete flexibility to customize their solutions and run on existing x86 servers. Maxta provided server configuration tools and reference architecture briefs can help with configuration suggestions and compatibility verifications.

Customers choosing to use commodity hardware will also experience significant CAPEX savings in addition to the OPEX savings driven by VM-level simplification of storage management. Maxta solutions are compatible with products listed on the VMware hardware compatibility list (HCL), plus some vendors have completed additional MaxDeploy Ready test validations so that they can provide additional interoperability and solutions documentation.

By leveraging commodity hardware, MaxDeploy appliances are designed to save customers from 30% to 50% depending on whether you are running on branded or commodity servers.

Whether you are upgrading existing servers or building a new virtual data center, Maxta provides the most choice, scalability and flexibility of any hyperconvergence vendor. Maxta solutions all come with a full suite of enterprise-class data services that enable you to migrate away from traditional SAN and NAS devices and complete the transition to a modern virtual data center.

 Maximize the promise of hyperconvergence with Maxta.

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MaxDeploy Appliance CONFIGURATION tool

server config1

Server configuration is one of the key components of a MaxDeploy configuration. The configuration tool is designed to provide recommendations for server configurations based on use case, server vendor, and capacity requirements.

The MaxDeploy configuration tool will provide guidance for selecting and configuring

  • Servers
  • Virtualization Software: VMware vSphere 5.x and KVM
  • Network Switches: 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE

CONFIGURE THE MaxDeploy appliance 

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In addition to receiving the efficiencies and cost savings of hyperconvergence, customers can now leverage MaxDeploy for pre-validated configurations and predictability of performance. We believe that MaxDeploy and Intel Server Boards and Systems provide enterprises with more options for flexibility and capacity scalability. – AL DIAZ, VICE PRESIDENT AND GENERAL MANAGER, INTEL

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